News Archive: December 2016

Bordering a State That Has Legalized is Frustrating Growers

December 21, 2016    Despite its puritan history, New England and its politicians have played an essential role in liberal and progressive politics. On November 8, when Massachusetts and Maine legalized recreational cannabis, growers in these states were clearly enthused. Legalization created a potential for significant financial growth that is rarely seen in the horticultural […]

Five Reasons Radiant Heating Should be in Your Greenhouse

December 15, 2016    Many times, when growers are planning and designing a greenhouse, heating is a factor that is often overlooked. A traditional forced-air heater and thermostat are all that one really needs, but is this method of greenhouse heating really the best solution? For commercial operations or greenhouses located in areas with more […]

The Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal, Partners with Growers Supply

December 13, 2016    Ed Rosenthal has been a staple in the cannabis community for over four decades. As the crop’s legal status has slowly changed in recent years, Rosenthal has been a driving force and dedicated researcher. In a press release, Growers Supply, who manufactures GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures, announced that they partnered with the […]

HydroCycle Growing Systems Now Available on GrowSpan

December 2, 2016    Hydroponics is an energy-efficient way to gain further control over crops, while drastically reducing water usage. Nothing goes better with a new greenhouse than a customized hydroponics system. It’s a winning combination that enables growers to boost their operation’s profitability year-round. GrowSpan customers regularly ask to integrate hydroponics into their growing […]