The Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal, Partners with Growers Supply

December 13, 2016   

Ed Rosenthal has been a staple in the cannabis community for over four decades. As the crop’s legal status has slowly changed in recent years, Rosenthal has been a driving force and dedicated researcher. In a press release, Growers Supply, who manufactures GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures, announced that they partnered with the famed grower and activist who was named the “Guru of Ganja” by High Times magazine.  

“Ed is a legend in the field, and his knowledge of cannabis cultivation is unsurpassed,” said Jon Kozlowski, who manages the team of Greenhouse Specialists at Growers Supply.

Growers Supply has made a strong push into the cannabis community over the past decade, and the partnership with Rosenthal represents an even greater commitment to cannabis growers and the industry as a whole.

Through the union, Growers Supply will feature new articles by Rosenthal on their greenhouse website, . Rosenthal will write on his theories of cultivation and how industry trends and new growing practices impact growers. Rosenthal will also attend trade shows with Growers Supply, help promote their demonstration greenhouses and talk with potential customers.

“I am happy to be a part of the Growers Supply and GrowSpan team. The company has been supplying growers with innovative, reliable and quality growing supplies for many years. I view my relationship with the Growers Supply people as a tremendous opportunity to help them expand in the cannabis market and to help develop new tools for growers worldwide,” said Rosenthal.  

As part of the partnership, Rosenthal will also provide special training to Growers Supply’s Greenhouse Specialists. Greenhouse Specialists work with customers one on one to provide custom solutions that allow growers to maximize their growing potential and profits. They design structures, greenhouse systems, growing systems and much more for each customer, and consulting Rosenthal will allow them to work with the cannabis industry in an even better, more-effective capacity.

Recognized worldwide as a leading authority on cannabis, Rosenthal’s extensive history in the industry makes him the perfect resource for Growers Supply. He teaches at Oaksterdam University and consults commercial growers across the globe. Rosenthal has written and edited dozens of books that have sold in the millions. He has been a leading activist and continues to play a crucial role in the development of cannabis policy in the United States.

“The partnership of Ed Rosenthal and Growers Supply creates a resource for licensed cannabis cultivators in the developing industry. By teaming up, we can provide successful solutions for a wide range cannabis operation,” said Kozlowski.