News Archive: May 2017

Success and Expansion in Cannabis Production

May 23, 2017    Now that the legal cannabis industry has taken off, growers are coming out of the basement and looking to move towards sound agricultural practices. With the benefits of greenhouse growing year-round, many cannabis operations are finding a way to create a product that costs less to grow, with the advantage of […]

Ed Rosenthal: How Fertigation Can Improve Your Drip Irrigation Cannabis And More

Fertigation is the method of supplying dissolved nutrients through an irrigation system. Since they are already in solution, the nutrients are immediately available to the roots. This gives growers the opportunity to provide the exact amount of nutrients required to promote high level plant performance. Compare this to an enriched planting mix or dry fertilizers. […]

Improving Grow Operations with a Commercial Greenhouse

Every commercial or professional grower wants to maximize their business’ capabilities, but often lack the tools to run an effective growing operation. From old high tunnels that don’t offer enough growing space to primitive growing techniques, GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists have seen it all. Utilizing the proper growing structure can make all the difference, and growers […]

Ventilation Methods: Low-Tech to Automated High-Tech

May 3, 2017    Within a few muggy or sweltering hours, greenhouse crops can be shocked and damaged during vital stages of growth and development. Greenhouse humidity and temperature can quickly become the enemy of production if growers do not implement proper ventilation within their system. Humidity and heat can be combated using a wide […]