News Archive: August 2018

GrowSpan Now Offers Venlo-Style Greenhouses

August 22, 2018    GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures announced the addition of the Venlo Series Greenhouses to their already extensive line of commercial, professional and hobby greenhouses. The new structures will allow growers to produce on the largest scales possible, while still maintaining the efficiency and precision that other GrowSpan structures are known for. While venlo […]

The Definitive Guide to Why it’s Better to Grow in a Cannabis Greenhouse

When it comes to growing cannabis, time is money. Cannabis greenhouses exemplify the concept of time efficiency. With the ability to start the growing season early and harvest throughout the winter, cannabis greenhouse growers can stay in business year-round. In addition, greenhouse growers can grow bud of superior quality and potency, while eliminating a lot […]

GrowSpan Contributes to GPN

August 10, 2018    How’s your greenhouse doing this summer? Most likely hot, but if you have a good plan to mitigate heat and other summer-related issues, you’re probably having a pretty prosperous season.  One of GrowSpan’s specialists recently wrote an article for Greenhouse Product News offering advice to growers on how to best deal […]