News Archive: January 2017

What can you get with the $995 CEA product credit?

January 26, 2017    The agricultural world is expanding, with each year bringing new advancements that growers’ only five years earlier could never have imagined. These days, many growers are producing their crops year-round within greenhouses and other controlled environments, with a number of those same growers producing those crops hydroponically, which can reduce water […]

Ed Rosenthal: Efficient Marijuana Cultivation Pt. II

January 24, 2017    If you haven’t read Part I, you can read it here. In part one we discussed that marijuana’s initiation of flowering is based on a critical period of uninterrupted darkness.  The fact that marijuana can be induced to flower at any size can be used to increase its yield considerably. Allowed […]

Ed Rosenthal Cannabis Practices: Efficient Marijuana Cultivation Pt. I

January 19, 2017 Marijuana has two main stages of growth: vegetative and flowering. Most varieties are “short-day plants” (sdp), and their stage of growth is determined by the number of hours of uninterrupted darkness the plants receive. Most varieties respond to a critical dark period (cdp) of at least 10.5 hours by initiating flowering. Other […]

Growers Supply’s CEA Hands-On Workshop Information Available Through GrowSpan

January 17, 2017    Growers Supply announced a few weeks ago that they would offer a discount to those that signed up for their CEA Hands-On Workshop before February 1st.  Today, they made signing up and obtaining class information even easier by providing with a CEA Hands-On Workshop page. The page can be found […]

Ed Rosenthal to be Featured on GrowSpan Blog

January 12, 2017    Last month Growers Supply announced its partnership with Ed Rosenthal. Next Thursday, Rosenthal’s first article for GrowSpan will be posted right here on the blog.  Dubbed the “Guru of Ganja” by High Times, Rosenthal’s influence on the industry has been unparalleled. He is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on cannabis. […]

Growers Supply Announces Pre-Registration Discount for February CEA Workshop

January 6, 2017    Hydroponics are becoming widely used by businesses across the country.  They are the go-to option for growers who are looking to improve efficiency and profitability. However, with a wide variety of unique products to choose from, a clear understanding of the systems and how they work is necessary. Luckily, Growers Supply has […]