Growers Supply’s CEA Hands-On Workshop Information Available Through GrowSpan

January 17, 2017   

Growers Supply announced a few weeks ago that they would offer a discount to those that signed up for their CEA Hands-On Workshop before February 1st. 

Today, they made signing up and obtaining class information even easier by providing with a CEA Hands-On Workshop page. The page can be found under the ‘Why GrowSpan’ tab on the site’s navigation bar. 

To join any of the listed classes, simply fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page. The information submitted will be viewed, and one of Growers Supply’s Specialists will reach out within a few days to provide further information or being the sign-up process. 

Growers Supply’s CEA Hands On Workshop is a great way for growers of any experience level to educate themselves on the latest trends in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), hydroponics and aquaponics. Growers Supply brings together some of the industry’s finest minds and most-accomplished growers to provide invaluable growing insight.

Attendees gain hands-on experience with a number of growing systems and environmental control tools. Through the course, growers obtain the knowledge they need to improve their growing practices and business.  

The workshop is available on a monthly basis at either Growers Supply’s CEA Learning Center East, which is located in South Windsor, Connecticut, or CEA Learning Center West, which is located in Dyersville, Iowa. Cost of the course includes hotel accommodations, so travel planning is limited. Growers Supply’s next CEA workshop will be held at the South Windsor, Connecticut location from February 22-24. 

Growers that sign up for the CEA Hands-On Workshop before February 1 will receive Growers Supply’s special pre-registration pricing. To sign up for the class call Kelley at 877.835.9996 ext. 1649 or fill out the form on the CEA Hands-On Workshop page and a specialist will contact you within a few days to complete sign up.