News Archive: March 2018

Supplementation for Grow Op Success

March 23, 2018    Outdoor and indoor growing each comes with its own unique set of challenges. Outdoor growers enjoy lower energy bills, but pay for it later with products that tend to net less money. Conversely, indoor growers tend to produce cannabis that fetches higher prices, but pay for it when the electric bill […]

How to Size a Greenhouse Heating System

Properly sizing a greenhouse heating system is crucial for increasing heating capacity and maintaining the perfect temperatures year-round. Sizing a greenhouse heating system only requires growers to make several measurements and a few calculations. Once the numbers are crunched, growers will be well on their way to sufficiently heating their operation. Efficiency ratings are of […]

SunGrower Draws on GrowSpan for Fertigation Advice

March 7, 2018    More greenhouses are beginning to adopt an automated system for fertigation and GrowSpan knows why. Fertigation is the injection of fertilizers into an irrigation system. Human error can result in under or over-delivery of fertilizers, which can adversely impact a plant’s health and nutrition. Automated fertigation aims to solve the various […]

GrowSpan Cannabis Specialist Featured in SunGrower

March 1, 2018    New technology is always emerging for indoor cultivation, and what business owner doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge of their industry? Nonetheless, many growers in the cannabis industry are apprehensive about paying high prices for new-fangled equipment they aren’t familiar with. To help instill confidence, SunGrower recently published the […]