SunGrower Draws on GrowSpan for Fertigation Advice

March 7, 2018   

More greenhouses are beginning to adopt an automated system for fertigation and GrowSpan knows why. Fertigation is the injection of fertilizers into an irrigation system. Human error can result in under or over-delivery of fertilizers, which can adversely impact a plant’s health and nutrition. Automated fertigation aims to solve the various issues of nutrition management and make it easier for growers to yield consistently high-quality harvests. Automated fertigation can easily be integrated into any facility, no matter what type of irrigation system is used.

GrowSpan contributed an article to the spring 2018 issue of SunGrower titled “Embrace Automation for Proper Nutrient Management.” While the article is print only, you can visit SunGrower for information on obtaining a copy. The article offered details on how to operate and make the most of an automatic fertigation system. While most fertigation setups operate as standalone systems, an environmental control system can be tied into it, providing total environmental and nutrient control on one computer system. GrowSpan also advised growers to use temperature and humidity sensors with a simple feed irrigation system to control when the pump turns on based on how wet, dry, hot or cold the environment is.

Although fertigation setup is uncomplicated, first-time users are encouraged to seek advice from those with experience. The best information for business owners is not online, but instead in the trials of peers. Much of the online literature about fertigation is catered towards hobbyists, so reaching out to a qualified specialist is the best route for a serious grower who requires consistently large yields.  

Monitoring an automated fertigation system and collecting its data empowers growers to make adjustments that can greatly enhance the quality of their cannabis crop. Disease and infection prevention are more easily curbed with an automated fertigation system due to the consistent environmental conditions it provides. New and existing growers alike can greatly benefit from integrating an automated fertigator in their operation, and GrowSpan has specialists available to answer any questions.

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