News Archive: June 2017

How to Minimize Water Borne Diseases in Hydroponics

Hydroponics can be an effective growing method for operations on any scale, helping them boost crop quality, while also conserving resources. When used in a greenhouse, these systems eliminate a bulk of the problems that traditional field growers face, like facing unpredictable weather or raising crops in inadequate soil conditions. It’s no secret that hydroponic […]

Work Smarter with Landscape Fabric and Ground Covers

June 29, 2017    Landscape fabric utilized as ground cover in a greenhouse, is one of those ways growers can work smarter and not harder. In a business where physical and mental exertion can easily drain one’s energy, implementing efficient practices and tricks of the trade becomes increasingly important. Weeding is an often necessary but […]

Setting Up for Market

June 23, 2017       The Farmers Market is a great place for local farmers and artisans to come together, sell their products and interact with their communities. Growing for market can be very rewarding, and the farmers market model is a great place to exchange ideas between small business owners and farmers. There are […]

New Structures at Blue Sky Organic Farms

June 14, 2017    GrowSpan provides growers with a diverse line of commercial and professional greenhouse growing structures. From commercial greenhouses to cold frames used in a backyard, there is something for every grower, and with so many structures available some customers find themselves purchasing multiple GrowSpan products that compliment each other and the business […]

Rosenthal and Growers Supply to Appear Together at Cannabis Summit Next Week

June 8, 2017    Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, and Growers Supply will again team up at next week’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo. The event will take place June 12-14, in Oakland California. No matter if attendees are interested in growing or the industry, they can bring their cannabis questions to the Guru […]

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Greenhouse Displays

June 7, 2017    Greenhouses can be a fantastic place to set up a nursery or retail space and using the greenhouse in this way helps growers make the most of their space throughout the season. Greenhouses should be outfitted with the proper climate control tools whether it is a heater or an exhaust system […]