Work Smarter with Landscape Fabric and Ground Covers

June 29, 2017   

Landscape fabric utilized as ground cover in a greenhouse, is one of those ways growers can work smarter and not harder. In a business where physical and mental exertion can easily drain one’s energy, implementing efficient practices and tricks of the trade becomes increasingly important.

Weeding is an often necessary but time consuming task. The amount of energy a grower can waste weeding out plants that are using up soil nutrients can seem overwhelming. Weeds come in all kinds of climates and are very adaptable to a protected environment, like the interior of a greenhouse. Using landscape fabric suppresses unwanted plants and is the best way to prevent weed problems.

Separating soil mediums is one option to help growers avoid battling weeds that sprout from a dirt and gravel foundation. Ground cover fabric helps achieve a barrier between gravel and soil for growers who like the natural gravel look, but have no time to weed any more than necessary.

A ground cover helps to smooth out uneven footing to create level greenhouse flooring at an affordable cost. Landscaping fabric is also ideal for use as a patio or paver liner, as it will help even out the ground and suppress weeds from peeking through cracks.

Whether using fabric in the field, the greenhouse or in landscaping, this fabric helps keep a clean and professional aesthetic. Customers like to see a clean looking greenhouse, and it makes a farmer’s job so much easier. Water is able to pass freely through the fabric cover, without negatively impacting the movement of nutrients or limiting the biological activity within the soil.

This means for farmers who are growing organically or using tenets of agroecology, fewer disturbances occur and therefore less input is necessary when amending depleted soils. This helps keep down costs of maintaining soil biology between tilling throughout the season.

Growers Supply carries a variety of fabric ground covers to simplify upkeep of gardens, greenhouse floors or foot paths. They range from standard to heavy-duty fabric for any application.

Growers Supply Heavy-Duty Ground Cover comes in a black 4.1 oz., 30 mil woven, needle-punched fabric. This fabric is made from UV-resistant polypropylene, and this commercial-grade cover is the leading choice of most landscapers. It is marked every 12″ for easy plant alignment, measuring and cutting.

The Svensson White Lined Ground Cover is a perfect choice for greenhouses. Its white color reflects light instead of absorbing it, which increases the amount of light plants receive. It is made from 100% polypropylene, and is light-weight but durable for foot traffic. The Svensson White Lined Ground Cover has a clean and attractive appearance that compliments any greenhouse operation.

Spunbond General Purpose Fabric is highly resistant to damage from acids, alkalines, insecticides, fertilizers and pests. Growers Supply offers a 2 oz. Polyspun fabric and a 2 oz. Spunbound general purpose fabric, and they are both spunbound fabrics.

All of the fabric ground covers carried by Growers Supply eliminate the need for weeding, and help conserve soil moisture. Ground covers allow for a healthy balance of air, water and nutrient exchange, creating an optimal environment for plants. It is also ideal for residential and commercial applications of any kind, as fabric is easily installed and conforms to the ground or trench surface and does not unravel when cut.

Browse through our variety of ground covers or check out accessories offered by Growers Supply, like Biodegradable Fabric Stakes and Fabric Securing Staples, to secure fabric ground cover.

Contributed by Amanda Williams