Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Greenhouse Displays

June 7, 2017   

Greenhouses can be a fantastic place to set up a nursery or retail space and using the greenhouse in this way helps growers make the most of their space throughout the season. Greenhouses should be outfitted with the proper climate control tools whether it is a heater or an exhaust system to keep plants and products in an optimal environment year-round. Many areas of the country grow seasonally, so keep in mind the changing weather and seasonal goodies to display for customers.


Operating a constantly functioning greenhouse is vital to a successful nursery or retail business. In early Spring, a greenhouse can provide a safe and healthy environment for seedlings waiting to be sold. During this time, greenhouses are cast in a sea of green, and the uniform crops are easy to look at and calming for customers. A lot of seedlings can look similar in their early stages, so it is essential to have them organized and clearly labeled.

Make the most of your space by utilizing vertical, bleacher-style display shelves or benches. These are super functional and can give a greenhouse space aesthetic value by creating attractive levels between products. Plants are easily organized on greenhouse benches, and they can be displayed in a way that makes shopping easier for the customer. Always remember to keep best sellers or crops with the highest profit margins front and center. Nothing is worse than customers not being able to find the plants you want to sell. Many benches and shelving units come with wheels and add-on shelve, allowing you to constantly change and experiment with different displays.

Also, don’t forget to make the most of your space. Rafters present another way to display your product, so outfit them with hanging baskets.

Throughout the season, products will change for many retailers. Making sure your nursery or retail area is keeping up with seasonal changes and customer needs is vital, so make sure your displays are fresh and do not look dated.


In climates that get cooler in the fall, growing and displaying autumn blooms, like mums and kale, among edible and ornamental gourds is a fantastic way to fill up a retail display for holiday products. Focus on warmer colors for fall plantings to accent holiday table settings and front door displays. Try to anticipate the holidays approaching in the calendar to best meet customers’ needs.

Be creative with displays while also making sure to be organized. People find symmetry attractive, but appreciate character added by crafts or potted arrangements. Creative displays that show customers how to showcase their purchased plants at home.


If a greenhouse is heated, winter can be a prolific time for any retail business. House plants and tropical plants are a great product to grow during these months, as they appeal to customers itching for warmer days. Certain herbs, like rosemary, survive best indoors during winter months and can be an easy and fragrant way to decorate. Succulent varieties are a hands-off product that need very little attention once rooted, making them a perfect house plant for the lazy gardener. Hollies and poinsettias can be an easy sell during Christmas time, and you can almost never have too many. These are a quick and last-minute gift that helps bring some life into a snowy, cold winter. Growing or sourcing small Christmas trees externally is a great money-maker also, but don’t forget, this is also another wonderful time to try implementing crafted items into a storefront for the holidays.

If a grower can anticipate seasonal celebrations and needs, they can keep a greenhouse full of appropriate flowers, vegetable seedlings and hand-crafted items that add a little character to a commercial grow operation.

Contributed by Amanda Williams