Hendon’s Garden Center

Challenge – Year-round growing environment
Solution – GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouse
Size – 42′ wide x 96′ long
Application – Storing flowers and plants for retail

Hendon’s Garden Center is a locally owned and operated business run by Hannah and Billy Hendon. The business is situated in Murray, Kentucky, just a few miles north of the Tennessee border. The garden center prides itself on providing Murray and the surrounding towns with a wide variety of quality plants year-round at a reasonable price.

Hendon’s employees enjoy assisting customers in figuring out what they need for their yard or landscapes, earning the garden center a positive reputation. The extensive selection of plants, flowers, seeds, trees, shrubs and décor that Hendon’s sells also plays a large role in what makes them so successful.

Over time, Hannah and Billy came to the realization that they needed to include a greenhouse on their property to help amplify their business. Although they are located in the southern part of the country, cool weather during the winter can shorten the growing seasons. “We knew that we wanted a building that could withhold the proper snow load, as well as properly heat during the cold months,” Hannah explained.

After reading through the Growers Supply magazine, Billy talked with a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist on different options. They were pleased with how knowledgeable and helpful the specialists were on growing and the different GrowSpan products. “They helped us decide which greenhouse building and what length was most practical. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted at first,” said Hannah. The Hendon’s ended up purchasing a 42′ wide by 96′ long GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouse.

The Hendon’s ended up choosing GrowSpan, because they were the only company that had the shape of the building they desired within their ideal price range. “I would suggest GrowSpan and this greenhouse to anyone looking for something similar.”

Three years later, the greenhouse continues to work great for storing flowers and plants for the business. Hannah stated “It’s been a good experience.”

For more on Hendon’s Garden Center and their GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouse, visit hendonsgardencenter.com.