News Archive: October 2016

FAQ: Hydroponics Systems Pt. I

A couple weeks ago the blog covered how a number of growers remain skeptical of integrating hydroponics into their operation despite the numerous benefits. GrowSpan greenhouses are commonly outfitted with HydroCycle hydroponics systems, and during the process GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists frequently field similar questions. Over the next couple of weeks, the GrowSpan Blog will go […]

Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses: The Ideal Polycarbonate Greenhouse

GrowSpan is quickly becoming synonymous with excellence in commercial and polycarbonate greenhouse production. This is largely due to GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse. The structure is a true production powerhouse that has been used for a wide variety of crops and in regions across the world. This polycarbonate greenhouse blends superior functionality with durability and […]

UK Acknowledges Medicinal Benefits

It’s true. The same government that as recently as last year deemed cannabis “a significant public health issue” has stated that cannabis can have a number of positive medicinal effects.  The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency recently completed a review of CBD and the potential medicinal benefits after it was brought to the agency’s […]

Hydroponics: No Need to be Skeptical

Combining a GrowSpan greenhouse with a hydroponics system is great way for growers in any region to maximize their growing potential. Growers dealing with drought conditions or less-than-ideal land are constantly researching and experimenting with new ways to grow. Inevitably, their research leads them to a method that isn’t particularly new, but is certainly under […]