Hydroponics: No Need to be Skeptical

Combining a GrowSpan greenhouse with a hydroponics system is great way for growers in any region to maximize their growing potential. Growers dealing with drought conditions or less-than-ideal land are constantly researching and experimenting with new ways to grow. Inevitably, their research leads them to a method that isn’t particularly new, but is certainly under utilized. 

Hydroponics, which has been around for decades, allows growers on any scale to circumvent many of the environmental factors that can limit production and reduce business. Combine a a hydroponics system with a GrowSpan greenhouse, and you have a production powerhouse that can give even proven and successful commercial businesses a boost. 

But this article isn’t about greenhouses. 

Despite the decades-long success that growers have found with hydroponics, GrowSpan and Growers Supply still come across growers that remain skeptical. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that growers can obtain when utilizing a hydroponics system. 

Those looking to purchase a system can visit GrowSpan’s parent company, Growers Supply. 

Grow Anywhere, Anytime

A hydroponics system can enable growers to produce profitable crops in some of history’s worst growing regions. Hydroponics completely removes soil from the process, so arable land is not a prerequisite for a successful harvest. Instead, all the nutrients are provided through the water that is cycled throughout the system. While eliminating the need for healthy land, hydroponics also eliminates the need for a cooperative climate. Rain isn’t required, because the systems are keeping the plants hydrated 24 hours a day.  

Since hydroponics systems are ideally used indoors, they also provide an ideal way to grow year-round. The ground won’t freeze and  snow won’t damage the crops. When combined with a controlled climate, growers are able to create the perfect growing conditions for whatever crop they are producing. With hydroponics growers are able to control which nutrients their plants get. Adding nutrients to the recirculating water is a simple process, and it enables plants to receive the ideal amount of nutrients. 

Hydroponics Improves Efficiency

When Growers Supply creates customers a custom HydroCycle Hydroponics System, one of the most common comments is how the operation’s efficiency has been improved. With a system, plants are laid out in an organized manner that best utilizes the available space. A properly sized system allows growers to produce the maximum amount of plants, while also providing enough space for plants to grow healthy and strong. Many growers are able to achieve the same yield that they’ve become accustomed to, but in a quarter of the space. 

When operations integrate a system they are able to reduce their labor requirements, allowing them to save money on a daily basis. Many operations are able to manage an entire commercial system with just two growers. Entire channels, which can include dozens of plants, are able to be easily moved from the system with just two workers. 

Utilizing a recirculating system also limits the amount of water that is required to grow healthy crops. The water is able to be reused, and a properly constructed recirculating system can easily reduce an operation’s water consumption anywhere from 66 percent to 90 percent. Due to its water- and environmentally friendly nature, hydroponics is increasingly being used in regions that are experiencing drought or have traditionally experienced water shortages. 

Hydroponic production provides a number of beneficial factors that can be utilized by growing operations of any size. Whether you just grow in your backyard or maintain a massive commercial greenhouse, integrating hydroponics can help to increase efficiency and reduce costs, all while maintaining the same crop quality and yield.