News Archive: September 2018

Family-Owned Restaurant Embraces Hydroponics

September 27, 2018    When you think of a family-oriented eatery with a focus on home cooking, you probably don’t imagine a menu that includes hydroponically-grown lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Junction 21 restaurant in Centralia, Iowa, however, provides the kind of farm-to-table experience that few people would expect in a place that serves up pizza, […]

Fertigation Systems: Growers Shouldn’t Overlook Fertigation

September 13, 2018 Fertigation systems offer growers a superior fertilization option. Traditional fertilization methods can be a pain. They can involve maneuvering multiple heavy bags, using spreaders for distribution and then applying water to enable the fertilizer to properly soak into the soil. At best it’s time consuming and messy; at worst, it can damage […]