News Archive: February 2017

Potential Red Flags When Selecting a Cannabis Consulting Firm

February 15, 2017    As growers across the country become licensed and ready to take their operation to a commercial scale, consulting firms across the country are pouncing on these new opportunities. While cannabis consulting firms provide a service that can be invaluable to many growers, a lot of these consulting groups seem to have […]

Growing Cannabis: Where to Start

February 14, 2017    As the political climate surrounding the legalization and production of Marijuana shifts, so too, must the industry of agriculture. At this stage in the political environment, many experienced cannabis growers have gained their decades of experience experimenting in underground operations. Because of the individuality and different methods of experienced growers, there […]

Pruning: The Debate

February 10, 2017    Leafing, or defoliating as it is known in the growing community, is a very sensitive subject.  In many plants, trimming and pruning help to refocus energy from certain sections of a plant to promote the growth of other parts of the plant, usually around the flowering or fruiting phase of the […]

GrowSpan High Tunnel Thriving Years Later

February 8, 2017    In 2010, Randy and Laura Pierce in Montana received funding through the NRCS (Natural Resources and Conservation Services) and EQIP, their Environmental Quality Incentives Program. The NRCS recently published a video featuring the Pierces’ GrowSpan high tunnel and provides a real life example of a successful high tunnel operation. Six years later, […]

Starting an Operation: Things to Consider for New Farmers and Growers

February 3, 2017    Starting a farm can seem like a very romantic endeavor. In fact, if agriculture is your passion, there is something romantic about working the land and reaping your harvest. Those who have fallen in love with the earth know that love comes at a cost, takes a lot of hard work […]