News Archive: April 2018

Choosing the Right Greenhouse Covering for Your Operation

April 26, 2018    Selecting the appropriate material for a greenhouse covering requires careful consideration of the insulation, light transmission, cost-efficiency and durability a grower desires. Greenhouse cladding comes in a variety of materials, including poly film, glass, polycarbonate and more. When a grower searches for their ideal covering material, they should bear in mind […]

Don’t Forget About GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Financing Options

April 18, 2018    Spring is a great time to revisit old projects or begin new ones. With GrowSpan’s flexible financing options, paying for it all is the easy part. Some of GrowSpan’s financing options include no money down, terms up to 7 years and rates as low as 5.99%.  With no money down and […]

Microgreen Systems as a Source of Supplemental Income

April 10, 2018    Microgreens are the shoots of young salad vegetables, picked just after the first leaves have developed. They are tasty, nutritious and have soared in popularity across the country. By selling microgreens to local grocers, restaurants or individuals, growers can put their gardening skills to use and generate an extra source of […]

Light Deprivation Systems with GrowSpan

April 3, 2018    GrowSpan’s Series 500 Commercial Greenhouse creates the ideal growing environment for producing just about any crop, but when paired with S500 light deprivation systems, it becomes a cannabis production powerhouse. GrowSpan has designed and rigorously tested these engineered blackout systems to ensure cannabis growers get an automated system that not only […]