Microgreen Systems as a Source of Supplemental Income

April 10, 2018   

Microgreens are the shoots of young salad vegetables, picked just after the first leaves have developed. They are tasty, nutritious and have soared in popularity across the country. By selling microgreens to local grocers, restaurants or individuals, growers can put their gardening skills to use and generate an extra source of income.  

GrowSpan.com provides the HydroCycle Microgreen System, which enables growers to grow profitable microgreens they can supply to their local markets. Microgreens are not just in-demand, they are also easy to grow and require little maintenance. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, HydroCycle Systems can generate a steady stream of side income for growers across all regions. The Microgreen System is compact in size, ensuring it can be added to an existing operation even where space is limited.

A wide range of textures, flavors and colors can be grown in a HydroCycle Microgreen System. Broccoli, spinach, beet, tatsoi, mitzuna, arugula, chard, kale, celery, carrot, pea shoots and sunflower shoots can all be grown in just a matter of days. In a two to four week time frame, the HydroCycle Microgreen System can deliver maximum yields, providing a sound return on investment.

Growers can achieve high yields within a limited square footage. For example, the 9” Pro Microgreen Table provides 11 ¼ square feet of growing space. Pea and sunflower shoots can yield 13 ounces per square foot every 10 days. Mizuna, arugula, chard, and beet can yield up to 6 ounces per square foot every 2 weeks.

The HydroCycle System uses NFT (nutrient film technique) trays, which are made from food-grade PVC channels, are flat at the bottom and slightly sloped when laid on the system. This design does not use any soil, rather, it ensures that water continues moving and does not build up in the tray. To avoid wetting the foliage or flooding the greens, a nutrient solution is dispersed intermittently throughout the channels.

Compared to conventional growing, the HydroCycle System is easy to assemble and requires less maintenance, labor and waste. By nourishing and oxygenating the seedlings, the risk of fungal diseases is minimized. Using a growing mat substrate in the channels means better germination and density.  These help to hold sufficient moisture around the roots in between waterings. By allowing for live-plant harvest and storing the greens with roots intact, it’s easier to supply customers with the freshest greens.  

It’s easy to see why growers are taking advantage of these profitable, easy-grow crops. The HydroCycle System provides consistent harvests of the tastiest assortment of microgreens with minimum labor. With high yields and short growing times, growers can start seeing profits faster than they are used to seeing with conventional growing methods.

To learn how a HydroCycle Microgreen System can add income to your operation, call a Hydroponics Specialist or Request a Quote