News Archive: July 2018

Huge Sale on HydroCycle Growing Systems

July 31, 2018    GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures announced that HydroCycle Growing Systems will be on sale this week. The sale, which ends August 13, 2018, will allow customers to get 10 percent off all HydroCycle systems. HydroCycle manufactures the industry’s finest hydroponics growing systems, and with stock and custom designs, there is an option for […]

Commercial Aquaponics for Beginners: Integrating an Aquaponics System

An Overview of Aquaponics for Beginners Aquaponics is a unique hybrid of two practices: aquaculture, or raising fish in tanks and ponds, and hydroponics. Fish release waste that is rich in nutrients, and then beneficial bacteria break down the fish waste, producing a natural fertilizer that’s taken up by the plants. In return, the plants […]

How Growers Can Take Advantage of CO2 Enrichment

July 12, 2018    Every grower knows that plants need CO2, but less commonly known is that when CO2 levels drop below 250 to 300 ppm (parts per million), plants stop growing altogether. Although plants can survive without added CO2, they probably won’t thrive. After boosting CO2 levels, many growers have noticed that not only […]