News Archive: April 2017

One Potato, Two Potato

April 27, 2017    Potatoes are the fifth largest food crop produced in the world. Human beings have been cultivating potatoes since somewhere around 8,000 to 5,000 B.C. With such a global and versatile history, potatoes have survived it all, and they have an interesting history that includes: Around 1532, Spanish Conquistadors brought the potato […]

Integrated Pest Management and How Our Farms Benefit from its Application?

April 25, 2017    When temperatures cool, an old house can be an inviting source of warmth for mice. And where there is one, there are more. Introduce a cat into your home and it become less inviting to Mickey, Fievel and Jerry. This is an example of a biologically controlled environment. On the farm, […]

Growers Supply SALE on GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouses

April 19, 2017    Right now, Growers Supply is offering a great deal on GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouses. In order to make room for new products, Growers Supply has made this incredible hobby greenhouse available for $4,455.00, which is a price reduction of $1,000.00. For the next two weeks, Growers Supply will even ship the […]

Starting plants Indoors for Field Production

April 18, 2017    So, you want to start seeds for the garden or greenhouse this season. This is a great idea for so many reasons. Besides being cost-effective, starting seeds and transplanting supports crop uniformity, earlier harvests, controlled germination conditions and a more efficient use of valuable growing space.  While starting seeds can be […]

An Economical Gothic Arch Greenhouse for Professional Growers

April 5, 2017 GrowSpan Gothic Pro Greenhouses provide a traditional appearance and superior functionality. These gothic arch greenhouses have been used with success on numerous types of growing operations, and since the internal environment can be controlled, they’re an ideal option for growers in any region seeking a cost-effective growing structure that can improve crop […]