An Economical Gothic Arch Greenhouse for Professional Growers

April 5, 2017

GrowSpan Gothic Pro Greenhouses provide a traditional appearance and superior functionality. These gothic arch greenhouses have been used with success on numerous types of growing operations, and since the internal environment can be controlled, they’re an ideal option for growers in any region seeking a cost-effective growing structure that can improve crop quality. 

GrowSpan’s Gothic Arch Greenhouse Offering: What to Know

  • An economical structure that doesn’t lack quality
  • An ideal option for professional growers on a budget
  • Ultra-Durable Frame – Ensures a long life
  • Double-layer film cover – Superior protection and control
  • Controlled environment promotes improved crop production
  • Exceptional ventilation – Roll-Up sides are easy to operate
  • Large, convenient entry door – Easily maneuver crops and provides security
  • Comes with heavy-duty ground posts

Gothic Pro Greenhouses are a remarkable addition to any farm or growing operation. Their low cost, fast construction and durability set these structures apart from competitors. GrowSpan Gothic Pro Greenhouses are affordable and have minimal building requirements. Installation is quick and easy, so growers can spend more time doing what they do best, growing. Each Gothic Pro provides superior precision and versatility with automated systems.

When designing a Gothic Pro, customers work with GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists. They can help each operation outfit their structure with all the necessary equipment and accessories to grow high-quality crops in any region. Greenhouse Specialists have years of growing experience and can provide advice on how to be setup each structure.

For those that need a structure quickly, but don’t want to sacrifice environmental control, there are stock environmental control systems that can be purchased for the Gothic Pro Greenhouse. Each system comes with intake shutters, exhaust fan with shutters, circulation fan, heater and thermostat.

GrowSpan greenhouse structures are dependable and sturdy, and incredibly resilient to inclement weather. GrowSpan’s Gothic Pro Structures can be engineered to meet all wind and snow load regulations. Each structure is made with the highest quality USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing, which ensures a long, dependable life. The formidable double layer film cover creates an environment where any crop can thrive under the right grower. The film cover provides excellent drip control, which supports healthier plants, and ensures maximum heat retention. The end walls are clad with 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate, which provides strength, improved insulation and structural security.

Greenhouse specialists are available at every turn to design your ideal gothic arch greenhouse. Request a Quote today to find out more.