News Archive: September 2016

Growers Supply to Host Two CEA Workshops

GrowSpan’s parent company, Growers Supply, will host two CEA Hands-On Workshops in the upcoming months.  The company will hold a workshop at the Growers Supply CEA Learning Center East from October 12-14. Learning Center East is located in South Windsor, Connecticut. The second workshop will be held at Growers Supply CEA Learning Center West. The event […]

Advancements In Light Dep: Ditch The Old Light Deprivation Tarp

Light deprivation greenhouses have quickly become the standard for cannabis production throughout the country. Light dep is a cost-effective growing technique that allows growers to get the most out of their growing space, greatly enhancing cannabis yields and allowing them to harvest throughout the year. Utilizing light deprivation techniques also allows growers to better meet […]

Improving the Industry’s Footprint: Part II

Improving the Industry’s Footprint: Part I discussed the need for environmental and economic reform within the cannabis industry. It’s clear that the environmental footprint of the industry can be drastically improved, but what is so interesting about the cannabis industry is that many of the environmental solutions are also sound business decisions that can actually […]