Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses: The Ideal Polycarbonate Greenhouse

GrowSpan is quickly becoming synonymous with excellence in commercial and polycarbonate greenhouse production. This is largely due to GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse. The structure is a true production powerhouse that has been used for a wide variety of crops and in regions across the world. This polycarbonate greenhouse blends superior functionality with durability and dependability, ensuring a greenhouse structure that can work for any operation. Each structure can be custom designed, and GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists can help any grower – no matter the production scale – create their ideal polycarbonate greenhouse.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Benefits

When comparing it to a high tunnel or standard greenhouse, a polycarbonate greenhouse provides growers with a sense of security. The polycarbonate panels on the Series 2000 Greenhouse are 8 mm, and when paired with the triple-galvanized steel frame, create a greenhouse structure that has been referred to as “bomb proof.” Since the steel has been galvanized, the structure naturally withstands corrosive environments. 

The structure has 10′ tall sidewalls and a peak roof design, both of which contribute to a well-ventilated growing space that limits plant stress. The peaked design is also a great trait for growers in the North, because it helps to reduce the accumulation of snow and ice. 

The ends of the Series 2000 can be clad with either 8 mm polycarbonate or corrugated polycarbonate. 

Each structure features a gutter connect design, making it a great option for operations that plan on expanding in the future. The gutter connect design allows growers to essentially purchase individual bays in the size and quantity they require at the time of purchase. As their business grows, operations can add as many bays as they need. This can be done as many times as needed, and it ensures that each operation only buys what they need. 

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Specialists

No matter what crop is being produced, a Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse can accommodate it. GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists work with each customer to ensure they get exactly what they need. Since GrowSpan is a Growers Supply brand, customers get the benefit of a one-stop shopping experience. Any accessory that a grower needs can be included with the greenhouse or even incorporated into the design. For cannabis growers, the structure can be outfitted with fully automated light deprivation systems that allow growers to effortlessly control the light cycle. 

GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists can also help first-time customers navigate the numerous offerings and benefits of working with GrowSpan. GrowSpan manufactures each Series 2000 greenhouse at the Dyersville, Iowa campus. Specialists can help obtain the proper documents to meet building codes, put customers in touch with the in-house financing team and set up a time for GrowSpan’s crew to install the structure.