GrowSpan Cannabis Specialist Featured in SunGrower

March 1, 2018   

New technology is always emerging for indoor cultivation, and what business owner doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge of their industry? Nonetheless, many growers in the cannabis industry are apprehensive about paying high prices for new-fangled equipment they aren’t familiar with.

To help instill confidence, SunGrower recently published the article “Don’t Get Ripped Off” in their spring 2018 issue. To offer expert advice to new and existing growers, they came to GrowSpan. While the article is print only, you can order the magazine or find more info on their Facebook page.

Cannabis Specialist Will Kacheris is quoted in the SunGrower article stressing the importance of getting off to a strong start by picking a head grower early on. Many growers are so focused on the structure and pricing that they often neglect to think about the growing system. It is essential for growers to get off to a strong start, and fortunately for new growers, GrowSpan offers cannabis consultation to help maximize their profits. A cannabis specialist can also use their expertise to help growers take advantage of energy-efficient designs, gain financing and obtain energy-related rebates, all while providing expert design and growing advice.

When SunGrower asked experts about cover options, Kacheris championed the strength of polycarbonate. The industry-standard material has a 10-year warranty and is tested to be many times stronger than glass. Incorporating this powerful film is GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse, which is outfitted with 8 mm polycarbonate and a triple-galvanized steel frame. This particular model is affectionately referred to as “bomb proof.” The Series 2000 is an especially valuable option in regions prone to frequent heavy snow or wind. Both sides of the greenhouse feature gutters which can be connected, allowing for the building to be expanded to any size. The peak-roof design and 10’ sidewalls create the maximum amount of usable space. As with any GrowSpan structure, the Series 2000 can be completely tailored to meet the needs of any operation.  

Whether you’re a new or existing grower, you take advantage of GrowSpan’s cannabis expertise by visiting our Cannabis Consulting page or by Requesting a Quote today.