GrowSpan Now Offers Venlo-Style Greenhouses

August 22, 2018   

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures announced the addition of the Venlo Series Greenhouses to their already extensive line of commercial, professional and hobby greenhouses. The new structures will allow growers to produce on the largest scales possible, while still maintaining the efficiency and precision that other GrowSpan structures are known for.

While venlo greenhouses have been widely used across Europe, they are a little harder to come by in the United States. To meet the needs of American growers, GrowSpan will offer the greenhouse structures in three distinct styles: Traditional, Cabrio and WideSpan.

Browse GrowSpan Venlo Series Greenhouses:

GrowSpan Traditional Venlo Greenhouse GrowSpan Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse GrowSpan WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse

All three styles boast durable construction that ensure a long life. They can also be completely customized to meet the most specific requirements, and they all have numerous cladding options, which include polycarbonate, glass and film. However, there are differences between the designs.

The GrowSpan Traditional Venlo Greenhouse is designed to ensure maximum light transmission. The rugged design and roof constructed of strengthened aluminum components allow it to withstand high wind and heavy snow loads. The Traditional Venlo Greenhouse can be outfitted with either continuous or alternating ridge vents.

The GrowSpan Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse features a roof that completely opens, enabling growers to reach 96% ventilation. The roof is easily operated with a motorized gear box, so growers can quickly address their ventilation needs.

GrowSpan’s WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse features a wider design and fewer interior columns, so growers get the maximum amount of usable space within the structure. This structure features a film covered roof that is designed to promote a superior growing environment in the hottest climates. For ventilation, the WideSpan Venlo has a dual-sided continuous ridge vent.  

For nearly four decades, GrowSpan has been providing the growing and horticultural industry with premium greenhouse structures and expert advice. Customers that work with GrowSpan experience a one-stop shopping experience that includes in-house consultation, design, financing and installation. Backed by a catalog that features over 30,000 products, growers can rest assured that they can find any structure, tool or accessory.

GrowSpan staffs a team of experienced growers and greenhouse designers. They work with customers individually during the greenhouse design and construction process, ensuring that growers get the structure that suits their every business and growing need. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists can also offer invaluable advice on how to best design and utilize the greenhouses, allowing customers to reach their peak profitability and obtain a full and quick return on investment.

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