GrowSpan Contributes to GPN

August 10, 2018   

How’s your greenhouse doing this summer? Most likely hot, but if you have a good plan to mitigate heat and other summer-related issues, you’re probably having a pretty prosperous season. 

One of GrowSpan’s specialists recently wrote an article for Greenhouse Product News offering advice to growers on how to best deal with the issues that arise during the summer months. Whether you’re having issues with heat and pests or want some shade tips, you can find it at Gearing Up a Greenhouse for Summer.

Those that have had persistent issues this summer should contact one of GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists. They can help identify the cause of your summer problems, and then offer advice on which tools can help you get back to a thriving growing season. There’s no project too big or too small, so if you need a new greenhouse, some custom environmental controls or a hydroponics system, just fill out the form that those links lead to. Maybe you just need some fly traps? Visit And of course, our specialists are always available at (877) 835 9996.