HydroCycle Growing Systems Now Available on GrowSpan

December 2, 2016   

Hydroponics is an energy-efficient way to gain further control over crops, while drastically reducing water usage. Nothing goes better with a new greenhouse than a customized hydroponics system. It’s a winning combination that enables growers to boost their operation’s profitability year-round.

GrowSpan customers regularly ask to integrate hydroponics into their growing structure, and to better meet these needs, hydroponics quotes are now available on the GrowSpan website. Whether you’re looking for a commercial system to compliment an S2000 or a hobby system to experiment with at home, HydroCycle Growing Systems are the ideal option.

The Hydroponic Growing page can be found under the Industries section.  

HydroCycle provides growers with a complete arsenal of top-of-the-line growing systems. Since HydroCycle is a Growers Supply brand, Hydroponics Specialists are in touch with industry trends and can design a system to meet every customers’ exact needs. 

HydroCycle’s line includes: 

Each HydroCycle system can be built as an expansive commercial system or a smaller, more-manageable unit that can be used at home. 

HydroCycle Growing Systems

Each system is manufactured at Growers Supply’s Dyersville, Iowa campus. Since each system is manufactured in-house, customers can rest assured that their custom system is being created to their exact specifications. They are made from high-quality, food-grade plastics, and the frames are made from durable, triple-galvanized steel. 

NFT Systems feature channels that constantly circulate nutrient-rich water. The crops are held so that their roots are always nourished from the flowing water. These systems maximize a space’s potential, and HydroCycle has a channel that is perfect for just about any crop. 

Dutch Bucket Systems are great for larger vine crops. These systems are easy to use on any scale. Nutrient-rich water runs through the system, keeping plants constantly growing and healthy. 

Ebb and Flow Systems feature a tray that is flooded with a nutrient solution on a regular basis. After it is flooded, the trays are then automatically drained. The grooved trays ensure that when the plants aren’t flooded the crops’ roots remain dry. 

Aquaponics Systems combine fish farming with hydroponic growing. The fish fertilize the crops, while the crops purify the water for the fish. These low maintenance systems allow growers to gain income from two different markets. 

Microgreen Systems allow anybody to easily produce delicious microgreens. The profitable little greens are sought by restaurants across the country. The systems are designated similarly to the NFT Systems, but the open trays for greens to be grown int he entire channel as opposed to in specific plant sites. 

Vertical Aeroponic Systems utilize grow tubes that stand straight up. Plant sites are 360° around the tubes and receive a high-pressured, nutrient-solution mist. These are great for tight spaces, and with these systems, growers can produce 220 plants in less than 23 square feet. 

Getting a hydroponics system is simple with this new addition to the GrowSpan site. Call to speak with a specialist or Request a Quote