GrowSpan Series 500 Commercial Greenhouses: A Practical Structure for Any Operation

March 16, 2017   

Extending the growing season and having a place to germinate early seedlings can be the determining factor of a farm’s seasonal success. GrowSpan’s Series 500 building is a perfect solution for commercial growers looking to improve their operations with low-input solutions. These buildings provide the versatility that many growers depend on. The Series 500 is ideal for multiple applications including, seed starting, growing, nursery displays, height for tiered display benches of potted plants or trellising for indeterminate varieties. Protect your crops and work space from inclement weather and pests by adding the S500 to your property.

Series 500 Greenhouse Benefits

The Series 500 structures provide growers with a completely controlled environment, enabling growers to achieve optimal harvests. High clearance of the Series 500 provides superior air flow and significant space between plants and the building cover. The choice of Roll-Up or Drop-Down Sides are economical and an outstanding alternative to costly ventilation systems.

Nevertheless, GrowSpan buildings can be outfitted with both low-tech and high-tech climate controlling technology. Many high-tech solutions that GrowSpan provides can make work effortless and automate virtually all imperative tasks and environmental factors. To increase environmental control, add accessories like heating or cooling systems, shade cloths or a light deprivation blackout system. Since GrowSpan is a Growers Supply brand, customers benefit by having all of their greenhouse needs met in one place, allowing any operation to easily get their ideal growing structure.

The Series 500 features an attractive, arched design that fits on any property and allows snow to slide off and avoid building up. High ceilings provide plenty of clearance for equipment to come in and out. With a low-cost per sq. ft., the Series 500 comes with affordable corrosion-resistant materials, quality double poly film covers made to last. The Series 500 is available in multiple sizes depending on your business needs.

Save money by protecting your crops with a Series 500 greenhouse. High-quality, affordable materials mean your purchase will be a simple choice. Adding a Series 500 to an operation can save substantial costs and is ideal for growers looking to significantly improve their production, while remaining economical in their construction and labor costs.

Series 500 Greenhouse Specialists

GrowSpan Greenhouses come with Greenhouse Specialists to help customers navigate the numerous offerings and benefits of working with GrowSpan and Growers Supply. Greenhouse Specialists have years of industry experience and can help customers design a structure that will best benefit their operation. GrowSpan manufactures each Series 500 greenhouse at the Dyersville, Iowa campus. Specialists can help obtain the proper documents to meet building codes, put customers in touch with financing teams and set up a time for GrowSpan’s crew to install the structure.