News Archive: April 2019

Bigger, Better Cannabis Buds

April 29. 2019    GrowSpan’s expertise doesn’t stop at providing the best greenhouses and growing solutions. We also offer a wealth of knowledge and advice from growing professionals leading the horticulture industry, including our expert cannabis consulting services, which help new and experienced growers improve their operations. Our greenhouse specialists will guide you through any […]

Greenhouses to Grow with your Business

April 11, 2019    Alfalfa Valley Farms uses ten separate GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouses for their cannabis grow. Each structure sits at 30’ wide by 96’ long, meaning they utilize almost 30,000 sq. ft. of controlled growing environment. The greenhouses provide a controlled growing environment to shelter their crop from the unpredictable Oregon weather. Watch […]

Tips to Success in Hydroponic Growing

April 9, 2019    Hydroponic growing means removing soil from the cultivation process while introducing grow systems and new growing mediums. These variations from traditional growing methods can be difficult to navigate, even for experienced growers. Luckily, GrowSpan specialists offer consulting services to help growers on all scales reap the full benefits of hydroponics, including […]