Tips to Success in Hydroponic Growing

April 9, 2019   

Hydroponic growing means removing soil from the cultivation process while introducing grow systems and new growing mediums. These variations from traditional growing methods can be difficult to navigate, even for experienced growers. Luckily, GrowSpan specialists offer consulting services to help growers on all scales reap the full benefits of hydroponics, including up to 90 percent less water usage, more crop control and greater yields.

Read GrowSpan’s article contribution to Greenhouse Product News here for helpful hydroponic growing tips from a dedicated greenhouse specialist.

GrowSpan’s HydroCycle hydroponic systems are a space-saving alternative to outdoor growing that can be used all year long, regardless of outdoor weather conditions. Dutch Buckets, NFT Systems and Ebb and Flow Systems are just a few of the hydroponic growing solutions HydroCycle offers, allowing users to choose the method best for their growing goals. With proper research and a helping hand, growers can maximize the use of their hydroponics systems to start producing healthier crops in larger quantities.

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