Project Highlights

wastewater treatment system inside greenhouse at Gross-Wen Technologies

Gross-Wen Technologies Uses GrowSpan Greenhouse To Conduct Innovative Wastewater Treatment Process

Since its formation in 2014, Gross-Wen Technologies has become one of the most trusted sources for environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment. Their patented RAB™ (Revolving Algal Biofilm) system employs vertically oriented conveyor belts, which are used to grow algae that recover nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewater, while also producing a nutrient-rich algae biomass that can be harvested and sold to create an additional revenue stream.


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Potted Flowers Growing Inside a Greenhouse

Hendon’s Garden Center Grows Year-Round With A GrowSpan Greenhouse

Despite being located in a southern part of the country, Hendon’s Garden Center in Murray, Kentucky often had their growing seasons cut short by cooler weather once the winter hit. As a retailer that provides its local community and surrounding towns with a wide variety of plants, the business wanted to be able to grow successfully year-round.


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Yakima greenhous einterior

Yakima County Master Gardeners Educate Year-Round With A GrowSpan Greenhouse

Home gardening is a valuable skill that allows avid growers to produce their own plants and food. However, not everyone has a green thumb, and growing successful plants can be a challenge without assistance or practice. This is where the Yakima County Master Gardeners knew they could step in and make an impact on their local community.


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Montgomery education greenhouse

Montgomery Central High School INvests In A Sustainable Future With GrowSpan

Sustainable growing practices are becoming increasingly important in the world of agriculture and horticulture. Within school systems, efforts are being made to teach students about cutting edge growing techniques and sustainability in crop production, especially in more rural areas.


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Gothic Pro Education house

Greenhouses Offer Option For Hands-On Learning

Many schools, colleges and universities are building greenhouses for their students and faculty to use. Northside Learning Center High School in Chicago and Radford University in Virginia are just two examples of educational institutions adding greenhouses to their curriculum and campus.


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Starmont flower greenhouse

Starmont High School Creates Interactive Learning Environment With GrowSpan

GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Educator Greenhouse creates the perfect opportunity to foster horticultural interest. Schools, universities and research institutions can all benefit from the structure by providing a space for students to not only read about plant cultivation, but also actively participate in the process.


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Alfalfa Valley Farms high tunnel

GrowSpan Contributes To GPN Magazine: Setting Up A Cannabis Grow

GrowSpan Greenhouse Experts recently contributed to the May 2019 issue of Greenhouse Product News to discuss factors about setting up a cannabis growing operation that are often overlooked. They share knowledge to help growers make informed decisions on important topics, such as deciding between greenhouse or indoor growing and maximizing profits as a new business.


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World of Weed Greenhouse

GrowSpan’s Durability Shines In Pueblo, Colorado

In Pueblo, Colorado, home of World of Weed, Drew Willmouth stood in his company’s first light deprivation greenhouse. Surrounding him in his 90’W x 108’L GrowSpan Light Deprivation S1000 Commercial Greenhouse was 10,000 sq. ft of healthy, lush cannabis.


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Hydrocycle hydroponics systems

Family-Owned Restaurant Embraces Hydroponics

When you think of a family-oriented eatery with a focus on home cooking, you probably don’t imagine a menu that includes hydroponically-grown lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Junction 21 restaurant in Centralia, Iowa, however, provides the kind of farm-to-table experience that few people would expect in a place that serves up pizza, burgers and fries.


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Educator greenhouse interior

Hands-On Learning Inside An Educator Greenhouse

At Starmont High School in Arlington Iowa, students have the privilege of learning the art and science of growing inside a GrowSpan Series 2000 Educator Greenhouse. Taking horticulture outside the classroom empowers the high school students to take a variety of greenhouse classes, including seeding, transplanting and hanging basket design. 


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dutch bucket tomatoes inside a greenhouse

Making The Most Out Of GrowSpan’s One-Stop Shop

In Breckenridge, Texas, there’s a family farm that grows heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce for the wholesale and retail markets. What sets them apart from other family farms is that everything they use, from the greenhouse itself to the Dutch buckets growing the tomatoes, comes from GrowSpan.


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S1000 greenhouses outside on dirt

Hemp Production Has A Promising Future

After 40 years of prohibition, Senator Mitch McConnell has introduced a bill to legalize hemp production across the country. The bill, which defines hemp as cannabis sativa at or below .03 percent THC, would make hemp farmers eligible for crop insurance and federal water rights.


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Tomatoes growing in greenhouse

A.P Whaley And GrowSpan

In Mount Horeb, Wisconsin A.P. Whaley LLC has added a 30’W x 48’L S2000 Greenhouse to their growing operation. A.P. Whaley is a family-owned seed company that is committed to sustainable agriculture.


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S1000 Retail greenhouse

ERTL Enterprises And GrowSpan

In this video, Ertl Enterprises in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin is putting their GrowSpan Series 1000 Commercial Greenhouse to the test with hydroponic and aquaponic growing.


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Hendons garden center interior

GrowSpan For Flowers And Ornamentals

Hendon’s Garden Center has made the most of their greenhouse, filling it with flowers and ornamentals to sell throughout the season. In this video, they show us just how well their operation is going now that they’ve added a controlled structure to their business.


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Chippewa Valley Pro Greenouse

Chippewa Valley Tech And GrowSpan

Chippewa Valley Tech, in Eau Claire, Wis. has put their GrowSpan Gothic Pro Greenhouse to the test, successfully growing a variety of vegetable crops. This building allows the college to extend their season and protect crops from inclement weather.


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AZ Blue sky organic Greenhouses

New Structures At Blue Sky Organic Farms

GrowSpan provides growers with a diverse line of commercial and professional greenhouse growing structures. From commercial greenhouses to cold frames used in a backyard, there is something for every grower, and with so many structures available some customers find themselves purchasing multiple GrowSpan products that compliment each other and the business they are being integrated into. 


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Rebel Spirit Interior high tunnel

Success And Expansion In Cannabis Production

Now that the legal cannabis industry has taken off, growers are coming out of the basement and looking to move towards sound agricultural practices. With the benefits of greenhouse growing year-round, many cannabis operations are finding a way to create a product that costs less to grow, with the advantage of a spacious environment.


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Green Wagon Farm High tunnel interior

GrowSpan High Tunnel Thriving Years Later

In 2010, Randy and Laura Pierce in Montana received funding through the NRCS (Natural Resources and Conservation Services) and EQIP, their Environmental Quality Incentives Program. The NRCS recently published a video featuring the Pierces’ GrowSpan high tunnel and provides a real life example of a successful high tunnel operation.


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GrowSpan High tunnel

GrowSpan Customer Covered On AgriLife Today

Thanks to HortiDaily, we found an interesting article featuring GrowSpan customer Dr. Charlie Rose. Rose is using his GrowSpan High Tunnels to provide research and produce to his local market.


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Bio tech Blackout Greenhouse

GrowSpan Contributes To Cannabis Business Times: Greenhouse Specialist Answers Common Questions

Recently, GrowSpan contributed to Cannabis Business Times with answers to some of the cannabis industry’s most asked questions. As part of a special section entitled “5 Questions,” the author polled a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist on some prominent topics related to custom greenhouse design.


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Purple Med Healing and Wellness

GrowSpan Contributes To Feature Story In GrowerTalks

When was the last time you upgraded your greenhouse toolkit? Every grower can benefit from having updated equipment to monitor conditions within their growing environment and stay informed of when adjustments need to be made.


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MJ industrial partner

GrowSpan Contributes To MG Retailer: Why Grow Operations Should Produce As Many Strains As Possible

GrowSpan recently wrote an article for MG Retailer providing merchandising and growing advice for both existing and emerging cannabis operations. The article takes a practical approach to producing numerous strains with environmental control tech. 


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Greenhouse Ceiling

GrowSpan Contributes To GrowerTalks

Creating an efficient heating system is essential to operations that are functional during the winter months. While many will focus on tweaking their actual heating system, often times a better route is to look at the insulation of your growing structure. 


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Grow Greenhouse with roll up side

Bigger, Better Cannabis Buds

A GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist recently contributed their knowledge to MG Retailer, a magazine dedicated to cannabis professionals, to offer advice on improving cannabis buds. He discusses the importance of using proper nutrients and delivering them effectively to the cannabis plant, potentially through the most reliable option of fertigation.


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Linda Williamson Greenhouse

GrowSpan Featured In Rodale Organic Life

Rodale’s Organic Life highlighted GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures in an article entitled, 6 Best Hoop Houses And Greenhouses For Growing Your Own Food Year Round. The article discusses how these greenhouses are at the forefront of sustainable structures in the agricultural industry and can provide a beneficial environment to crops.


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hydroponic plants inside a greenhouse

GrowSpan Discusses Controlled Environment Agriculture With GPN

GrowSpan recently contributed an article to Greenhouse Product News. The article, entitled “Controlled Environment Agriculture: Creating the Ideal Environment,” discuses some of the benefits of integrating a controlled environment. 


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Company Updates

GrowSpan SHows Off Growth In New Video

For over 40 years, GrowSpan has been supplying the agricultural and horticultural communities with innovative greenhouse and growing structures. In recent years, the company has expanded significantly by offering new product lines and integrating new manufacturing processes.


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GrowSpan Now OFfers Venlo-Style Greenhouses

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures announced the addition of the Venlo Series Greenhouses to their already extensive line of commercial, professional and hobby greenhouses. The new structures will allow growers to produce on the largest scales possible, while still maintaining the efficiency and precision that other GrowSpan structures are known for.


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Cannabis Plant Inspection

GrowSpan Chosen As Top Cannabis Industry Employer For 2021

In a list compiled by mg Magazine, GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures has been selected as one of this year’s 50 best places to work in the cannabis industry. The list recognizes businesses who implement industry-leading employment practices and strive to create a model working environment.


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Pueblo Colorado grow

GrowSpan Unveils Cannabis Growers’ Dream With New High Pro Tunnel

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures is pleased to add the newest product, the High Pro Tunnel, to its comprehensive line of greenhouses and growing structures. These high tunnel kits are specifically designed for California cannabis growers and come outfitted with a light deprivation system, allowing growers to get an economical structure that is superior in functionality through a simplified design and buying process.


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Jim Crume Grow Greenhouse

Rosenthal And Growers Supply To Appear Together At Cannabis Summit Next Week

Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, and Growers Supply will again team up at next week’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo. The event will take place June 12-14, in Oakland California.


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close up shot of cannabis plant

INdustry Giants Combine Forces For Cannabis Conferences, March 2017

Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, has teamed up with Growers Supply to make two appearances in the month of March. The first will be from March 5-8 at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Diego, California, while the second will be from March 20-22 at the Cannabis 2017 Cultivation Conference in Oakland, California.


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potted cannabis plant on bench

Ed Rosenthal To Be Featured On GrowSpan Blog

Last month, Growers Supply announced its partnership with Ed Rosenthal. Next Thursday, Rosenthal’s first article for GrowSpan will be posted right here on the blog.


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Rebel Spirit High Tunnel

The Guru Of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal, Partners With Growers Supply

Ed Rosenthal has been a staple in the cannabis community for over four decades. As the crop’s legal status has slowly changed in recent years, Rosenthal has been a driving force and dedicated researcher.


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nft systems with lettuce growing

HydroCycle Growing Systems Now Available On GrowSpan

Hydroponics is an energy-efficient way to gain further control over crops, while drastically reducing water usage. Nothing goes better with a new greenhouse than a customized hydroponics system. It’s a winning combination that enables growers to boost their operation’s profitability year-round.


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Low Tunnel

GrowSpan Low Pro High Tunnel Covered In Garden & Greenhouse

With the recent addition of the GrowSpan Low Pro High Tunnel to the GrowSpan line of product offerings, growers across the country are taking advantage of this convenient, yet extremely functional, structure. The structure features a low ceiling and sides that can easily roll up the peak of the structure. 


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outside of two commercial greenhouses

HortiDaily Covers GrowSpan Introduction

Growers Supply announced the launch of GrowSpan, a new greenhouse brand. Under this new brand, Growers Supply is able to better serve the growing community by simplifying the process of obtaining a greenhouse.


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Up Close Green plants

Bordering A State That Has Legalized Is Frustrating Growers

Despite its puritan history, New England and its politicians have played an essential role in liberal and progressive politics. On November 8, when Massachusetts and Maine legalized recreational cannabis, growers in these states were clearly enthused.


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light dep greenhouse interior

Colorado’s Enticing Economy

Last week’s voting showed a clear and increased interest in legalizing cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The plant appears to be steadily shaking the stigma that has marred its history, and it largely has Colorado to thank. 


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cannabis plants growing in soil in greenhouse

Legislation For Growers: Florida And Amendment 2

Wading the political waters of Florida is a difficult task. It’s tough to predict which way voters will lean, but on Tuesday Amendment 2 passed.


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Green plants

Legislation For Growers: Massachusetts And Question 4

Cannabis has been legalized in Massachusetts. Although, it’s important to note that Question 4 – the law legalizing marijuana – doesn’t actually start until December 15, 2016. This is great for growers of all kinds, as those looking to grow commercially or as a hobby can work towards perfecting the growing process.


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hemp plant sprouting through ground cover outside

UK Acknowledges Medicinal Benefits

It’s true. The same government that as recently as last year deemed cannabis “a significant public health issue” has stated that cannabis can have a number of positive medicinal effects.


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