GrowSpan Contributes to Grower Talks

Jan 1, 2017   

Creating an efficient heating system is essential to operations that are functional during the winter months. While many will focus on tweaking their actual heating system, often times a better route is to look at the insulation of your growing structure. 

GrowSpan recently discussed this issue with Grower Talks in an article titled “Preventing the Great Escape.” To read the article and find out more about improving your heating and greenhouse insulation, click here. 

GrowSpan specializes in creating a controlled environment that can be used to grow year-round, and the extensive line of growing structures includes numerous options that are ideal for growing year-round in colder climates. GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse is the perfect option for growers looking to grow on a commercial scale in colder climates. The structure is clad with twin-wall polycarbonate, so it provides superior insulation and an exceptional R-value. The structure’s strong cladding provides protection from hail, snow and harsh weather, so it can withstand even the harshest climates. The S2000’s frame is constructed from triple-galvanized steel, and this combined with the polycarbonate cladding provides the utmost durability and ensures a structure that can be used for decades to come. GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists can help growers outfit the structure with energy-efficient heating systems that can further help to maximize an operation’s profitability. 

Growers looking for a more cost-effective option can also find double poly film solutions. The double poly film is inflated with a small fan, creating a well insulated environment that utilizes one of nature’s best insulators, air. Inflated poly can be used on a number of GrowSpan greenhouses and high tunnels, and it can be used to produce a wide variety of crops. 

To find out how GrowSpan can help with your heating or to get a an energy-efficient, year-round growing structure, Request a Quote today. 

GrowSpan will be contributing to a number of publications throughout 2018, so check back for more articles.