GrowSpan Contributes to MG Retailer: Why Grow Operations Should Produce as Many Strains as Possible

August 9, 2019   

GrowSpan recently wrote an article for MG Retailer providing merchandising and growing advice for both existing and emerging cannabis operations. As the medicinal and recreational cannabis markets continue to expand and develop, growers who offer a wide selection of strains for specific consumer and patient needs are more likely to achieve sustained success. The article takes a practical approach to producing numerous strains with environmental control tech. 

Read the full article on MG Retailer now. 

The article covers the main reasons why cultivating multiple strains will become more important for growers, and provides advice on the best practices for designing an effective operation, capable of meeting the needs of several distinguished strains. With information on both the business and cultivation aspects, growers can learn a lot from this in-depth examination.

Greenhouses are the most reliable and effective way to successfully grow any crop, including cannabis. With expansive environmental control options, growers can create the ideal growing environment in any region, especially when cultivating multiple strains.

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