October 2, 2019

By offering professional cannabis consulting services, GrowSpan has had the opportunity to help many growers find solutions to unique cultivation challenges. Growers appreciate the expert advice offered by GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists, who are often tapped for their extensive industry knowledge.

Recently, GrowSpan contributed to Cannabis Business Times with answers to some of the cannabis industry’s most asked questions. Read the full article now.

As part of a special section entitled “5 Questions,” the author polled a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist on some prominent topics related to custom greenhouse design. The article covers a range of subjects, so if you’re interested in building a customized cannabis greenhouse, be sure to read it in full.

With a custom cannabis greenhouse, growers can take advantage of a wealth of benefits that preconstructed structures don’t provide. From unique structural elements to specialized equipment requirements, GrowSpan offers growers the unique opportunity to completely customize the ideal greenhouse that allows them to cultivate premium cannabis buds.

The article also covers some of the ways that laws and regulations can impact designing and customizing a cannabis greenhouse. By working with a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists, growers can ensure their greenhouse is able to produce the best, most profitable buds, while still abiding by all necessary legislation. Custom greenhouses can be designed to meet the demands of more restrictive rules on security, engineering and grow room practices, making them the ideal choice for cannabis growers.

GrowSpan provides growers with the finest cannabis greenhouses, along with a wide selection of environmental control equipment, growing products and other greenhouses accessories. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists are always ready to provide growers with specialized advice on any cultivation topic. As a bonus, GrowSpan’s cannabis consulting services are equity free, so growers can optimize their business and growing environment without affecting profitability.

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