Gross-Wen Technologies Uses GrowSpan Greenhouse To Conduct Innovative Wastewater Treatment Process

Since its formation in 2014, Gross-Wen Technologies has become one of the most trusted sources for environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment. Their patented RAB™ (Revolving Algal Biofilm) system employs vertically oriented conveyor belts, which are used to grow algae that recover nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewater, while also producing a nutrient-rich algae biomass that can be harvested and sold to create an additional revenue stream.

To maximize the potential of this system, Gross-Wen Technologies required a large space with a tightly controlled environment where they could create ideal growing conditions for their algae. The Iowa-based company determined that a greenhouse would offer the perfect solution, and after some searching, opted to work with GrowSpan and acquire a 50’W x 344’L Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse.

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“You need the right environment. You need enough surface area of the water, which is why we have these wrap belts, but you also need the right lighting and temperature, and we’ve been able to do that using this GrowSpan greenhouse.”

The Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse is designed around a triple-galvanized steel frame and is covered with ultra-strong, twin-wall polycarbonate, providing Gross-Wen Technologies and their RAB™ system with the utmost protection. This structure is highlighted by extra-tall, 10’ sidewalls that ensure the maximum amount of usable space, as well as an energy-efficient, 6/12 peak-roof design that helps it align with the company’s mission for sustainability.

With their new greenhouse, Gross-Wen Technologies not only has the expansive production area required to operate their RAB™ system, but they can also easily maintain optimal light and temperature levels year-round. Algae growing within the structure have access to abundant natural sunlight throughout the day, and even amidst harsh Iowa winters, the company is able to keep their greenhouse’s temperature at a comfortable range, helping to enhance the wastewater treatment process.

For another example of how GrowSpan greenhouses can be utilized for sustainable wastewater treatment, read our case study on CLEARAS Solutions.

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