CLEARAS Solutions

Challenge – Creating the optimal environment to run systems year-round
Solution – One GrowSpan Series 2000 Greenhouse
Size – 30′ Wide x 144′ Long
Application – Algae-based wastewater treatment
Location – Mondovi, WI.

CLEARAS Solutions is the leading provider of advanced, sustainable wastewater treatment technologies. The company strives to recover the Earth’s finite natural resources, economically cleaning air, water and making earth-friendly products, all by utilizing their Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR™) system.

The ABNR™ system is designed to leverage the biological benefits of microalgae in a carefully controlled, continuous flow environment. Within the system’s vertical glass photobioreactors, algae and other microorganisms help recover various nutrients from wastewater. Not only does this process result in clean, oxygenated water that can be reused or discharged back into nature, but it also generates a biomass co-product that can be used to create everyday items.

In order for CLEARAS to run this system effectively on a year-round basis, they required a highly regulated environment that gave them protection from the elements, as well as a reliable source of lighting. Ultimately, the company decided that a GrowSpan Series 2000 Greenhouse would provide them with an ideal production space, enabling them to maximize the potential of their treatment process.

This dependable structure allows CLEARAS to have complete control over their environment 365 days a year, regardless of the weather conditions outside. It also offers a high degree of natural light transmission, which helps algae within the ABNR™ system complete photosynthesis and metabolize nutrients, at virtually no cost to the operation.

In addition to a superior growing environment for algae, the new greenhouse ensures technicians and other personnel on-site have a unique, comfortable space to work in. With ample square footage and exceptional clearance height, the CLEARAS team can maneuver and manage their equipment safely and efficiently.

CLEARAS Solutions states that they are extremely satisfied with their GrowSpan greenhouse. This structure plays a major role in the success of their Mondovi, WI facility and will support their continued efforts towards a more sustainable future.

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