GrowSpan Featured in Rodale Organic Life

November 1, 2017   

Rodale’s Organic Life highlighted GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures in an article entitled, 6 Best Hoop Houses And Greenhouses For Growing Your Own Food Year Round. The article discusses how these greenhouses are at the forefront of sustainable structures in the agricultural industry and can provide a beneficial environment to crops. GrowSpan is mentioned by Rodale Organic Life as a company that caters to both hobby farmers and large-scale commercial operations and can help them achieve sustainable growing techniques.  

Sustainability is a major goal of contemporary growing operations for a number of reasons, including saving money, improving operations and minimizing the environmental impact of a grow operation. GrowSpan offers low-maintenance structures of all sizes that utilize passive ventilation methods that help lower the cost of greenhouse design. Furthermore, GrowSpan greenhouses are built to last for decades with little need for repairs or time consuming maintenance, helping create a more sustainable structure.

In the article, greenhouse design expert Will Kacheris explains how the custom options available with GrowSpan greenhouses help growers reduce the use of pesticides, meet irrigation needs and reduce the cost of heating by using efficient equipment and designs. Between improved insulation, insect screening and accessories for a controlled environment, GrowSpan and FarmTek have everything customers could want to meet individual growing needs.

GrowSpan even provides greenhouse accessories that help growers achieve a more sustainable operation. For example, hydroponics systems help minimize irrigation needs and water use by creating a closed system that reuses water and reaches plant roots directly, lowering the chance of the loss of vital resources like water and fertilizer. In fact, these systems not only improve grow rate of crops, but also cut down on water costs by up to 80 percent. In addition to hydroponics systems, automating aspects of the greenhouse design help to lower labor costs and time, while improving the precision with which crops are grown and lowering the occurrence of wasted produce.

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