Hendon’s Garden Center Grows Year-Round With A GrowSpan Greenhouse

Despite being located in a southern part of the country, Hendon’s Garden Center in Murray, Kentucky often had their growing seasons cut short by cooler weather once the winter hit. As a retailer that provides its local community and surrounding towns with a wide variety of plants, the business wanted to be able to grow successfully year-round.

This led them to search for a greenhouse that could stand up to various snow loads and give their operation year-round environmental control. After looking through a Growers Supply catalogue, an affiliate of GrowSpan, the garden center decided to reach out to a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist and explore different options. In the end, the Hendon’s obtained a 42’ wide by 96’ long GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouse.

Hendon’s Garden Center ►


The Series 500 Greenhouse features an extra-tall design that provides ample clearance for both workers and plants. Its 16 gauge, triple-galvanized steel frame ensures it meets local snow and wind codes, and the double-layer film helps the Hendon’s maintain an ideal growing environment in low temperatures or intense heat. Thanks to the greenhouse’s versatile design, it can be utilized across all disciplines, no matter what type of plant is being grown.

With their new growing structure, the garden center can continue production 365 days a year, helping them increase profits and play an even larger role in their community. To learn more about Hendon’s Garden Center and their locally owned business, read our full case study here.

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