Greenhouses Offer Option for Hands-On Learning

December 30, 2020   

Many schools, colleges and universities are building greenhouses for their students and faculty to use. Northside Learning Center High School in Chicago and Radford University in Virginia are just two examples of educational institutions adding greenhouses to their curriculum and campus.

Greenhouses offer students the ability to learn about growing in a hands-on atmosphere. With an open floor plan, students can watch demonstrations without an obstructed view and grow their own crops without worrying about space. Greenhouses give students the opportunity to learn about how food grows and ends up on their tables.

Greenhouses also allow schools to conduct research, which is especially useful for colleges and universities. Different crops can be grown in different parts of the greenhouse or the same crop can be grown under different conditions. Any growing experiment students come up with is possible to do in the greenhouse, due to the controlled environment.

The controlled environment gives students the ability to grow plants year-round. This allows students and teachers to grow any crop at any time of year, regardless of the weather, season or climate they are located in. It also enables students to experiment and see how different climates and growing conditions affect different plants.

A greenhouse is a valuable learning tool, and every school should consider implementing one into their curriculum. Students and faculty alike will be thankful for the innovative, hands-on learning that a greenhouse offers. Any educational institution can benefit from adding a greenhouse to their campus, and students will benefit even more.

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