Irrigation & Fertigation

tomato plants growing in greenhouse

The Basics Of Fertigation: How Growers Can Implement Fertigation Systems

Traditional fertilization methods can be painstaking for growers, especially those in larger commercial operations. They can involve maneuvering heavy bags, using spreaders for distribution and taking constant measurements by hand.


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Hi 2500 fertigator

Fertigation Systems: Growers Shouldn’t Overlook Fertigation

Fertigation is simply the practice of applying fertilizer via an irrigation system. Utilizing a system with control devices allows growers to reduce labor, and the dissolved nutrients distributed throughout the system are easily directed at and absorbed by the crops, so there is less waste.


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Irrigation and fertigation

Greenhouse Irrigation And Fertigation Offer Boosts To Efficiency ANd Profitability

For many growers, boosting efficiency in the greenhouse has become a critical focus. While improving the effectiveness of all greenhouse functions should be the end goal, a great place to start is with one of the most essential tasks for any grower.


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greenhouse irrigation

Understanding Your Greenhouse Watering System And Irrigation Management

Most growers know that in any commercial operation, an effective greenhouse watering system is one of the keys to a successful harvest. In addition to greater crop development, the right greenhouse irrigation system will help growers with a number of other factors, leading to increased profits.


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Fertigation Systems upclose

Fertigation: Fertilizing Through Irrigation

Many farmers have experienced the excessive loss of water from using overhead sprinklers. Overhead systems can leave your plants susceptible to disease and pests, which has driven many of today’s farms to implement more efficient irrigation and fertilization systems.


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Hydroponic Production In A Greenhouse

Growing Smarter: An Overview Of A Hydroponic Greenhouse

As the world population grows, the demand for improved food production and sustainable practices becomes more and more prevalent. In the horticultural industry, hydroponic greenhouses are looked to as a viable solution to both issues.


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Hydroponics set up

Tips To Success In Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponic growing means removing soil from the cultivation process while introducing grow systems and new growing mediums. These variations from traditional growing methods can be difficult to navigate, even for experienced growers.


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Propagation trays

Get An Inside Look At A GrowSpan Specialist’s Propagation Methods

Jena Jepson, the lead hydroponic grower in GrowSpan’s very own greenhouse center, recently gave an inside look at the propagation process. She discussed the mediums and methods used in the GrowSpan greenhouse to propagate hydroponically grown plants, along with a few tips and tricks for growers to implement.


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Commercial aquaponics systems

Commercial Aquaponics For Beginners: Integrating An Aquaponics System

Aquaponics is a unique hybrid of two practices: aquaculture, or raising fish in tanks and ponds, and hydroponics. Fish release waste that is rich in nutrients, which becomes a natural fertilizer taken up by plants. In return, the plants provide clean, purified water for the fish.


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Indoor hydroponics

Indoor Hydroponic Farming Rises In Popularity

Indoor farming startups have been popping up all over the country, attracting so much attention from investors that from 2016 to 2017, indoor farming investment grew by $235 million. The indoor growing industry has already become well-developed in Japan and the Netherlands, and now more than ever, North America is warming up to the idea.


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hydroponic vegetables growing

How To Minimize Water Borne Disease In HyDroponics

Although using a hydroponics system may eliminate soil borne pests, there are pests and fungi that spread through water, which means cleaning equipment and using an additional filtration system can drastically help reduce the occurrence of disease spreading.


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NFT hydroponic garden system inside greenhouse

The Complete Guide To Hydroponic Growing Systems: Choosing The Right Hydroponic Garden System

With all the different types of hydroponic systems out there, it’s important for operations to be aware of how each one works, as well as which kinds of crops they work best with. Using this detailed breakdown, growers can get the information they need to choose their ideal hydroponic garden system and implement it into their operation.


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Charles Drew horticulture interior closeup

Four Tips For Thriving In Hydroponics

Growing hydroponically carries several noteworthy benefits. Perhaps the most significant advantage is that hydroponic systems are energy-efficient, since they require less water, pesticides and soil.


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Microgreen system

Microgreen Systems As A Source Of Supplemental Income

Microgreens are the shoots of young salad vegetables, picked just after the first leaves have developed. They are tasty, nutritious and have soared in popularity across the country. By selling microgreens to local grocers, restaurants or individuals, growers can put their gardening skills to use and generate an extra source of income.


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Hydroponic Greenhouse interior

Hydroponics: No Need To Be Skeptical

Growers dealing with drought conditions or less-than-ideal land are constantly researching and experimenting with new ways to grow. Inevitably, their research leads them to a method that isn’t particularly new, but is certainly under utilized. 


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Light dep greenhouse with benches

FAQ: Hydroponics Systems Pt. I

A couple weeks ago, the blog covered how a number of growers remain skeptical of integrating hydroponics into their operation despite the numerous benefits. GrowSpan greenhouses are commonly outfitted with HydroCycle hydroponics systems, and during the process, GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists frequently field similar questions.


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Hydroponic tables

FAQ: Hydroponics Systems Pt. II

Last week marked the start of a special Hydroponics Systems FAQ blog series. Part one of the series covered the most commonly asked questions regarding general knowledge of HydroCycle hydroponics systems. This week, the blog will be more in depth, focusing on the most commonly asked questions related to production within a hydroponics system.  


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Vegetable hydroponics

FAQ: Hydroponics Systems Pt. III

For the final installment of the Hydroponics Systems FAQ blog series, the topic of discussion will focus on nutrition and pollination. In the previous two installments, the blog has answered questions related to HydroCycle hydroponics systems and hydroponic growing as a method of crop production.


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Dutch bucket systems

Growing Methods To Meet Demand For Green Production

The need for accurate food labeling has been a major topic in recent years across the globe. While here in the States we are responding to market demands and adjusting practices, some European countries have required the labeling of GMO’s, additives, chemicals and sugars.


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Aeroponics system

Addressing Local Growth In Urban Settings With Vertical Farming

As part of the local food movement, growers and community organizers alike are embracing inventive ways to grow food in urban areas. Vertical farming is becoming more and more popular because it is a simple and space-saving way to provide fresh produce.


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interior of a light dep cannabis greenhouse

Making Life Easier WIth A Light Dep Greenhouse Kit

Overall, a light deprivation greenhouse kit makes things far simpler for cannabis growers. These systems allow operations to easily influence the development of their cannabis plants, while still taking advantage of the benefits of natural sunlight. 


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Greenhouse Lighting

Understanding Greenhouse Lighting

There’s a lot more to greenhouse lighting than meets the eye. Growers in search of the appropriate lighting for their greenhouse should consider the following three factors: the type of crop being grown, what time of year it is and how much sunlight is available.


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s750 with light fixtures

LED Greenhouse Lights: Looking At LED Lighting For Greenhouse Production

Efficient lighting is one of the most effective ways to create a successful indoor or greenhouse crop. The ideal lighting utilizes the necessary color spectrum for optimizing the grow cycle, has a low-temperature and is energy-efficient.


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hanging plants inside a greenhouse

Can Plants Tell Time?

Like most in the Northern Hemisphere, we recently undertook the practice of “falling back” or changing all the clocks to represent the loss of one hour, in order to make better use of natural daylight. But this process of daylight savings also affects the time of no light or light deprivation.


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Grow Greenhouse

Advancements In Light Dep: Ditch The Old Light Deprivation Tarp

Light deprivation greenhouses have quickly become the standard for cannabis production throughout the country. Light dep is a cost-effective growing technique that allows growers to get the most out of their growing space, greatly enhancing cannabis yields and allowing them to harvest throughout the year.


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Greener Cannabis Cultivation

The Advantages Of Light Deprivation In A Greenhouse

Grow operations utilize many different tools and processes to ensure their crops thrive. With high end automation, expensive equipment and endless options available, it may be hard for growers to choose the right tools for their greenhouse.


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Tim Caine

Light Deprivation Systems With GrowSpan

GrowSpan’s Series 500 Commercial Greenhouse creates the ideal growing environment for producing just about any crop, but when paired with S500 light deprivation systems, it becomes a cannabis production powerhouse.


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Facility Management

cultivation of eggplants in an automated greenhouse

The Benefits Of An Automated Greenhouse In Commercial Growing

Success in commercial growing comes down to one objective: growing the highest-quality crops at the lowest overall cost. This goal is a driving factor behind almost every operation’s decision-making process, as they try to outperform competitors and create a growing space that’s as efficient as possible.


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Stationary Greenhouse Benching

Implementing Greenhouse Shelving To Optimize Growing Space

For operations to take full advantage of a greenhouse and stay ahead of their competitors, success often comes down to the smallest details. As a result, growers are constantly trying to find ways to optimize production and reduce inefficiencies.


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co2 enrichment system inside cannabis greenhouse

How Growers Can Take Advantage Of CO2 Enrichment

Every grower knows that plants need CO2, but less commonly known is that when CO2 levels drop below 250 to 300 ppm (parts per million), plants stop growing altogether. Although plants can survive without added CO2, they probably won’t thrive.


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hydroponic systems on benches in a greenhouse

The New Normal: How To Optimize A GReenhouse For Social Distancing

It is an indisputable fact that the world as we know it has changed. Working from home is the new normal; social gatherings and activities are drastically limited, and social distancing is required in all public spaces.


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s500 greenhouses with surrounding landscape

Supplementation For Grow Op Success

Outdoor and indoor growing each comes with its own unique set of challenges. Outdoor growers enjoy lower energy bills, but pay for it later with products that tend to net less money. Conversely, indoor growers tend to produce cannabis that fetches higher prices, but pay for it when the electric bill arrives.


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Premium Greenhouse

The Education-Growing Connection

Building healthy communities across the country begins with connecting families to local food culture, and beginning this exposure during early childhood development can set the tone for healthy eating habits for life. Poor eating habits start young, and over time it has become clear that such habits can lead to major health risks and negatively affect motivation and learning. 


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commercial greenhouse and metal building

Prepping The Farm For Winter: Field And Greenhouse Production

The leaves are changing, the nights are getting crispy and it is never too early to start preparing for next season. With a few slow weeks approaching, late fall is a great time to begin all of the work that goes into the production season.


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hydroponic plants inside a greenhouse

GrowSpan Discusses Controlled Environment Agriculture With GPN

GrowSpan recently contributed an article to Greenhouse Product News. The article, entitled “Controlled Environment Agriculture: Creating the Ideal Environment,” discuses some of the benefits of integrating a controlled environment. 


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inside retail nursery

Setting Up FOr Market

Growing for market can be very rewarding, and the farmers market model is a great place to exchange ideas between small business owners and farmers. There are a number of things a grower should keep in mind when getting ready for a farmers market, and following these guidelines will help to create a successful market operation.


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gothic style greenhouse in snow

Fall And WInter Crop Planning: What Can You Grow In A Greenhouse In WInter?

By the beginning of October, many areas around the country begin to face the threat of a deep freeze killing any plants left over from the season. While there are still a few warm, sunny days before this threat arrives, it is wise to take this time to start seeding the greenhouse for winter production.


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Long Hydroponics Greenhouse

Work Smarter With Landscape Fabric And Ground Covers

Landscape fabric utilized as ground cover in a greenhouse is one of those ways growers can work smarter and not harder. In a business where physical and mental exertion can easily drain one’s energy, implementing efficient practices and tricks of the trade becomes increasingly important.


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Potato's in dirt

One Potato, Two Potato

Potatoes are the fifth largest food crop produced in the world. Human beings have been cultivating potatoes since somewhere around 8,000 to 5,000 B.C. With such a global and versatile history, potatoes have survived it all, and they have an interesting history that includes:


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Vegetable greenhouse

Integrated Pest Management And How Our Farms Benefit From Its Application?

Globally, pests consume enough food to feed an additional one billion people. Despite expensive and escalating use of chemical inputs, pests are gaining biological resistance and current solutions to malnutrition and food production are insufficient.


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seeds and starts growing in a greenhouse

Starting Plants Indoors For Field Production

So, you want to start seeds for the garden or greenhouse this season. This is a great idea for so many reasons. Besides being cost-effective, starting seeds and transplanting supports crop uniformity, earlier harvests, controlled germination conditions and a more efficient use of valuable growing space.


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Farm green houses in fall

Starting An Operation: Things To Consider For New Farmers And Growers

Starting a farm can seem like a very romantic endeavor. In fact, if agriculture is your passion, there is something romantic about working the land and reaping your harvest. Those who have fallen in love with the earth know that love comes at a cost, takes a lot of hard work and maybe some exhausting learning opportunities along the way.


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Indoor Grow room

Greener Cannabis Cultivation Practices

Cannabis operations have historically been confined to indoor grows, but as legalization in the United States becomes more widespread, commercial facilities are afforded the opportunity to move their grows out in the open. With indoor cultivation having become the standard by default, cannabis growing has not been the most energy-efficient practice in the past.


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light dep greenhouse

Solving Common Problems For The Cannabis Grower

Cannabis is a resilient crop, as evident by its ability to be cultivated almost anywhere. Still, there are many common problems that can plague growers, especially those new to cannabis cultivation.


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GS S2000 Greenhouse

6 Features Every cannabis Grower Needs To Incorporate Into Their Greenhouse

Cannabis operations are difficult to get right, and the decision making involved in designing and installing a greenhouse can overwhelm even experienced growers. As the market gets more competitive, growers must find ways to gain an edge over competition and increase their bottom line.


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cannabis growing in a cold climate greenhouse

Growing Cannabis In A Cold Climate Greenhouse: 4 Steps To Boosting Production

Across northern climates, winter can be the bane of any cannabis grower’s existence. The change in season brings cold temperatures, heavy snow and severe wind loads, which can create a number of hoops for ill-prepared operations to jump through.


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Outside S1000 Greenhouse

Greenhouse Insulation: Here’s What You Need To KNow To Operate Your Greenhouse In Winter

What’s the most important part of growing in a greenhouse in winter? Sure, having an efficient, properly sized heating system is crucial, but that isn’t enough on its own for commercial growers looking to maximize profits.


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