Growing Structures


Gutter-connected greenhouse used for greenhouse farming

Greenhouse Farming And The Future Of Crop Production

Food production and environmental impact continue to be major concerns in not just the agricultural industry, but the world as a whole. According to a study from the University of California, total population is projected to grow to roughly 9.1 billion people by 2050, requiring a 70 percent increase in global food production.


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cultivation of eggplants in an automated greenhouse

The Benefits Of An Automated Greenhouse In Commercial Growing

Success in commercial growing comes down to one objective: growing the highest-quality crops at the lowest overall cost. This goal is a driving factor behind almost every operation’s decision-making process, as they try to outperform competitors and create a growing space that’s as efficient as possible.


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hydroponic vegetables inside of greenhouse

The Most Important Benefits of a Greenhouse

With all the different ways to tackle crop production, it can be difficult for operations to know if they’re reaching their full potential. Every approach has its own advantages, but greenhouses have become the go-to option for commercial growers and can offer the best chance of maintaining a viable business over time.


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interior of polycarbonate greenhouse with hydroponics

5 Of The Most Common Questions Regarding Greenhouse Materials

The quality of a greenhouse plays a major role in an operation’s success. Still, growers are often so focused on the equipment that goes inside their structure, that they overlook the building materials used to actually construct the greenhouse.


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inside S2000 greenhouse with dutch buckets on low benches

Why More Growers Are Choosing Polycarbonate Panels

In greenhouse crop production, an operation is only as effective as its structure’s cladding. To produce consistent, high-quality harvests year-round, growers need a cladding that will help create ideal conditions for their crops, regardless of the environment outside.


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plants growing hydroponically inside greenhouse

Greenhouse Kits: Finding The Ideal Prefab Greenhouse For Your Operation

Once the time comes for growers to purchase a new greenhouse, it’s important they understand all of their available options. Additionally, growers have to be aware of how different structures correlate to their location, available space, production goals and budget.


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Outside of S1000 Greenhouse

A Climate Controlled Greenhouse Is The Ideal Setting For Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled environment agriculture will likely play a critical role in the future of crop production. Both commercially and locally, operations that use this growing strategy can produce crops year-round, while improving the quality and size of their harvests.


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outside view of 5 bay gutter connected gothic greenhouses

A Gutter Connected Greenhouse Offers The Best Modular Greenhouse For Commercial Growers

Greenhouse growers in every industry need to gain any advantage they can over their competitors to sustain success. While trying to obtain this competitive edge, many growers focus solely on what equipment will improve their operation, and often overlook one of the most important factors: the structure itself.


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industrial greenhouse in davis

How A Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit Can Improve A Grow Op

Choosing the right grow space is an important decision for any grower trying to produce on a commercial scale. With many operations electing to grow in greenhouses over indoor facilities or outdoor fields, it’s essential they choose a structure that takes advantage of all a greenhouse’s capabilities.


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Hydroponic Production In A Greenhouse

Growing Smarter: An Overview Of A Hydroponic Greenhouse

As the world population grows, the demand for improved food production and sustainable practices becomes more and more prevalent. In the horticultural industry, hydroponic greenhouses are looked to as a viable solution to both issues.


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gutter connected S2000 greenhouses

Improving Grow Operations WIth A Commercial Greenhouse

Every commercial or professional grower wants to maximize their business’ capabilities, but often lack the tools to run an effective growing operation. From old high tunnels that don’t offer enough growing space to primitive growing techniques, GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists have seen it all.


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outside commercial greenhouse

Why Growers Need A Custom Greenhouse

There are a number of different ways to approach setting up a greenhouse. Many growers attempt to build without help, utilizing their own materials and manual labor, and end up with a grow space that is susceptible to weather and riddled with inefficiencies. That can lead to disaster, like a collapsed greenhouse that destroys crops and brings production to a screeching halt.


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Exterior of a multi-bay hybrid greenhouse

What Is A Hybrid Greenhouse And Why Should Indoor Cannabis GRowers Consider Transitioning To One?

As industry standards develop and new regulatory requirements are implemented, one trend that indoor growers are capitalizing on is the transition into a more versatile structure, known as the hybrid greenhouse.


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S500 Greenhouse with roll up sides

GrowSpan Series 500 Commercial Greenhouses: A PRactical Structure For Any OPeration

Extending the growing season and having a place to germinate early seedlings can be the determining factor of a farm’s seasonal success. GrowSpan’s Series 500 building is a perfect solution for commercial growers looking to improve their operations with low-input solutions.


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Megan Gutierrez Greenhouse exterior daytime

An Economical Gothic Arch Greenhouse For Professional Growers

GrowSpan Gothic Pro Greenhouses provide a traditional appearance and superior functionality. These gothic arch greenhouses have been used with success on numerous types of growing operations, and since the internal environment can be controlled, they’re an ideal option for growers in any region seeking a cost-effective growing structure that can improve crop quality.


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Drip Irrigation in Cannabis Plants

The Definitive Guide TO Why Growing Cannabis in A Greenhouse Is Better

When operations look at the similarities between an indoor and greenhouse grow, as well as the distinctions that set them apart, they’ll find that the two methods aren’t as different as they may have thought. In fact, greenhouses offer growers many of the same capabilities that an indoor warehouse can provide, along with numerous added advantages.


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educational greenhouse exterior

Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses: The Ideal Polycarbonate Greenhouse

GrowSpan is quickly becoming synonymous with excellence in commercial and polycarbonate greenhouse production. This is largely due to GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse. The structure is a true production powerhouse that has been used for a wide variety of crops and in regions across the world.


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High Tunnels & Cold Frames

Inside A High Tunnel

The Guide To High Tunnel Production: Using A High Tunnel Hoop House ANd High Tunnel Grant To Improve Outdoor Cultivation

Outdoor cultivation has been the standard for agriculture since the beginning of time, and it certainly remains an effective method of crop production. Still, with each passing year, growing strategies improve and new technology allows growers to produce on scales that may have never been possible by simply growing in soil.


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high tunnel with open sides

Top TEn High Tunnel Benefits

It’s easy to get enthralled with fancy commercial greenhouses that can be completely customized and outfitted with all of the required growing equipment. These can be fantastic structures that maximize production, but they aren’t the right choice for every operation.


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ventilated high tunnel

Spring Is High Time For HIgh Tunnels

Starting early crops in a high tunnel can prepare you for early markets, when many seasonal growers will be strapped for produce. Plus, getting your hands in the dirt always helps get rid of those winter blues.


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crops harvested in high tunnel

Get Growing Sooner With GrowSpan High Tunnels

Soon enough the growing season will begin. While many will wait to start growing outdoors, those with high tunnels will get a jump start and begin growing weeks before their outdoor counterparts.


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cold frames spanning across a landscape

A Guide For Cold Frame Production And Improving Outdoor Cultivation

Historically, outdoor operations have been subject to a number of challenges that come with being exposed to the elements. Whether it’s severe weather, pests and disease or seasonal limitations, these growers must consistently overcome various obstacles to achieve success.


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Planning & Setup

outside of venlo greenhouse installation

Keys To Successful Greenhouse Installation: How Growers And Greenhouse Builders Should APproach A Project

As greenhouses become increasingly larger in size and growing technology continues to advance, so too do the requirements for pulling off a successful greenhouse installation. With so many details and moving parts to consider, each phase of a project requires careful decision-making and close collaboration between growers and their greenhouse builders.


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tomato plants growing inside a greenhouse. Light dep systems, lights, fans and more are hanging from ceiling

The Essential Commercial Greenhouse Supplies Checklist

What exactly goes into setting up a commercial greenhouse grow? Besides the important preliminary steps, like selecting a location, acquiring permits and picking out the right greenhouse materials, operations will also need to go through the process of planning out their production space.


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greenhouse on grass landscape

How To Best Optimize Greenhouse Price

When it comes to purchasing a greenhouse, there are a variety of manufacturers and materials that growers will have to choose from. This can be a challenge, as growers will want to obtain a greenhouse that makes the most of their budget.


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Chippewa Valley PRO Greenhouse

Choosing The Right Greenhouse Covering For Your OPeration

Selecting the appropriate material for a greenhouse covering requires careful consideration of the insulation, light transmission, cost-efficiency and durability a grower desires. Greenhouse cladding comes in a variety of materials, including poly film, glass, polycarbonate and more.


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interior of hoop house with crops growing in ground

Hoop House Vs. Greenhouse: Which Should You Choose?

As markets become increasingly competitive and unpredictable weather patterns continue to hinder open-field production, growers are thinking about controlled environment agriculture (CEA) now more than ever. With the right structure, they can gain the protection they need against the elements and achieve superior yields on a regular basis, gaining an edge over competitors.


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Gothic Pro Greenhouse

Build Before Winter – You Won’t Regret It

Constructing a greenhouse in order to prepare for harsh winter months can help businesses protect their product and operate without interference from Mother Nature. But once frosty nights take over and temperatures plummet, snowfall is not far behind, and it is best to get a greenhouse built and prepared before the cold front hits.


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exterior of a gutter-connected greenhouse

The Biggest DEcisions When Choosing Designs For Greenhouses

With so many different designs for greenhouses available on the market today, it’s rare that two projects are one in the same, and the right design is something that’s often unique to each individual operation. From stock to completely custom options, it’s important for growers to find a structure that suits both their immediate and long-term operational goals.


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inside retail nursery

Setting Up FOr Market

Growing for market can be very rewarding, and the farmers market model is a great place to exchange ideas between small business owners and farmers. There are a number of things a grower should keep in mind when getting ready for a farmers market, and following these guidelines will help to create a successful market operation.


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GS S2000 Greenhouse

6 Features Every cannabis Grower Needs To Incorporate Into Their Greenhouse

Cannabis operations are difficult to get right, and the decision making involved in designing and installing a greenhouse can overwhelm even experienced growers. As the market gets more competitive, growers must find ways to gain an edge over competition and increase their bottom line.


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4 Reasons To Choose GrowSpan For Your NExt Project

For the last several decades, GrowSpan has helped people navigate the world of greenhouse growing and controlled environment agriculture. Whether a grower is invested in providing cannabis, hemp, vegetables, flowers, education and research or anything else, there is a GrowSpan greenhouse perfectly suited to foster optimal growth.


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outside winter greenhouse

Optimizing Heating In Your Winter Greenhouse: How To Make Sure Your Greenhouse Heater Doesn’t Go TO Waste

In many regions, growers don’t have to worry about the burden of snow or having to use a greenhouse heater to cultivate year-round. Not everyone is afforded this luxury, though, and for cold-climate growers, a winter greenhouse offers a lifeline to stay competitive by enabling them to grow uninterrupted.


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commercial greenhouse and metal building

Prepping The Farm For Winter: Field And Greenhouse Production

The leaves are changing, the nights are getting crispy and it is never too early to start preparing for next season. With a few slow weeks approaching, late fall is a great time to begin all of the work that goes into the production season.


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gothic style greenhouse in snow

Fall And WInter Crop Planning: What Can You Grow In A Greenhouse In WInter?

By the beginning of October, many areas around the country begin to face the threat of a deep freeze killing any plants left over from the season. While there are still a few warm, sunny days before this threat arrives, it is wise to take this time to start seeding the greenhouse for winter production.


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Commercial shade structure

Shade Solutions For A Happy Harvest

Just like you can get burned from being in the sun too long, so is the case for plants during the summer months. Because of this, shade material should be a top priority after getting your greenhouse, hoop house, retail nursery or field growing underway.


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hydroponic systems on benches in a greenhouse

The New Normal: How To Optimize A GReenhouse For Social Distancing

It is an indisputable fact that the world as we know it has changed. Working from home is the new normal; social gatherings and activities are drastically limited, and social distancing is required in all public spaces.


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