Build Before Winter – You Won’t Regret It

Sept. 18, 2017   

Constructing a greenhouse in order to prepare for harsh winter months can help businesses protect their product and operate without interference from Mother Nature. But once frosty nights take over and temperatures plummet, snowfall is not far behind, and it is best to get a greenhouse built and prepared before the cold front hits. There are many reasons why constructing a greenhouse before winter can improve any business, and most important is creating an operation that is profitable on a year-round basis.

GrowSpan’s fall installation schedule is filling up quickly. Request a Quote today to make sure your project is completed before winter.

Benefits of a Year-Round Greenhouse

There are tons of benefits to establishing a year-round grow operation. A well-heated greenhouse protects plants from bad weather, increasing production and profits.

Maintaining a comfortable climate is vital for successful plant production, especially if growing out of season. Changes in temperature and humidity can be drastic and sudden inside a greenhouse, so keeping a controlled environment helps plants to reach their potential and avoid shock from extreme weather changes. Automated tools for ventilation, supplemental lighting and heating can easily be integrated into a greenhouse to help growers gain the advantage of a steady environment.

Many growers find that because of seasonal constraints, they must make supplemental income from a second career. Creating an operation that provides income all year means growers never have to take a seasonal break and can maintain their positions in the market place, increasing product and profit. An even greater advantage comes for growers who can meet market demands during a time that competition is limited.

Why Build Now?

Building a greenhouse prior to the end of the season helps create a seamless transition into the greenhouse before inclement weather slows down an operation or leaves plants out in the cold. Nothing is worse than waiting too long and losing plants to frost or losing construction time to heavy snowfall. Ideally, growers want to leave themselves plenty of time to make the most of the cold season and start new projects like crop planning or growing ornamentals for the holidays. Even the longest winters can fly by, and growers can rest assured that there is never too much preparation that can be done before spring sneaks up on us.

Growers have to consider how much time they leave for construction. Construction is easier for crews before winter arrives, and allows plenty of extra time for design, site preparation and delivery of materials.

GrowSpan Greenhouses

GrowSpan Greenhouses not only come with industry-leading designs and quality materials, but while many other buildings can take months or even up to a year to construct, these buildings take a matter of weeks from concept to completion. This characteristic makes GrowSpan Greenhouses a smart choice when trying to get a job done quickly.

Constructing a greenhouse before winter can help growers avoid inclement weather during installation and damage done to plants by frost. As the season slows down, use this time to prepare a construction site and begin talks with GrowSpan experts to quickly design the ideal winter greenhouse for any grow operation. Check out accessories for GrowSpan greenhouses at and integrate all the required tools and accessories, so the greenhouse is comfortable no matter what nature has in store this winter.

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