4 Reasons to Choose GrowSpan for Your Next Project

February 22, 2018   

For the last several decades, GrowSpan has helped people navigate the world of greenhouse growing and controlled environment agriculture. Whether a grower is invested in providing cannabis, hemp, vegetables, flowers, education and research or anything else, there is a GrowSpan greenhouse perfectly suited to foster optimal growth. From design to manufacturing to installation, Greenhouse Specialists work with the customer each step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the entire process. With a catalog containing over 30,000 growing products, no detail is too small and no project is too big. Learn four reasons why GrowSpan is the go-to manufacturer for greenhouses.

Versatile Greenhouse Structures

GrowSpan structures are offered with stock and custom designs to meet any operational need. No matter the production scale, there are an abundance of greenhouse styles and high tunnels to choose from. Commercial and Pro Series greenhouses are favored among commercial and professional growers. The Commercial Series structures are available in three different models: Series 2000, Series 1000, and Series 500 Tall. The Series 2000’s peak roof design and 10’ sidewalls ensure the maximum amount of useable space. The arched roof design of the Series 1000 helps reduce snow and ice buildup, and as the name suggests, the Series 500 Tall features an extra-tall design for ample clearance that can promote a healthy environment.

The Pro Greenhouses come in two different styles – Gothic Pro and Round Pro. The Gothic Pro features an arch with a traditional appearance and superior functionality. The Round Pro is a rounded structure that is equally effective, and both of these greenhouses provide an exceptional growing space for any type of grower.

Additionally, GrowSpan also has a large line of high tunnels that are a highly efficient way to extend the growing season and a cost-effective way to gain some environmental control. GrowSpan’s high tunnels are available in round or gothic and have many different sizes and features.  

On top of commercial greenhouses, GrowSpan offers the HydroCycle Growing Systems for hydroponic cultivation. Hydroponics provide an energy-saving method of growth, due to the reduced water usage and the precision fertilizer delivery. These innovative growing systems are used by a wide spectrum of growers with different crop needs, space allocations and economic concerns. Dutch buckets, ebb and flow, NFT (nutrient film technique) and vertical aeroponics are just a few of the systems that HydroCycle offers.

Energy-Efficient Greenhouses

One of the many benefits of growing in a GrowSpan greenhouse is being able to use natural sunlight during the day. This reduces overall energy consumption, while also limiting electrical demands and monthly charges. By reducing monthly costs and labor, business owners can help to stabilize business in a constantly changing industry.

No one knows the benefits of saving money on electricity better than Jerry Denney, owner of 420 Growers and Processors in Elk, Washington. His commercial cannabis production facility is different from most; his cannabis is grown hydroponically in a greenhouse. He was inspired by a hydroponic lettuce system that he saw in a Growers Supply catalog. The clean, dirt-free aesthetic appealed to him immediately. He purchased two GrowSpan greenhouses and a hydroponics system with 410 HydroCycle 4″ Pro NFT channels.

After incorporating the HydroCycle NFT channels, his operating and labor costs both decreased, and the savings didn’t stop there. Denney explained, “Most indoors growers just put their lights on a timer and go, but their electricity bills are $30,000 a month, while mine are $2,000.”

Growers can potentially save more when they utilize a polycarbonate greenhouse, like GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse. Polycarbonate is an ideal building material for greenhouses due to its high R-value. Not only is it better at retaining heat, it also provides enhanced light diffusion and UV protection, and it is more affordable than traditional building materials. Polycarbonate is also very lightweight, weighing about 1/12th as much as glass. It’s available in more shapes and sizes than glass as well, allowing growers to quickly and easily install their cladding.

Fully Customizable

One of the myriad benefits of growing in a greenhouse instead of outdoors is control. GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists can help maximize grower control by outfitting any project with heating and cooling systems, lights, fans, blackout systems, grow media, hydroponic systems benches and more. With so many ways to tailor a greenhouse to meet specific needs, growers can grow any crop in any region when working with GrowSpan.

One business that took advantage of GrowSpan’s many options was Table Rock Tea Company in South Carolina. They needed a tightly-controlled environment where tea leaves could thrive. The challenge for CEO Steve Lorch was finding a greenhouse that offered the level of control he required. GrowSpan was happy to assist, by providing a climate controlled greenhouse and custom 2-tier polymax bench system that allowed the company to house over 17,000 tea plants without wasting valuable square footage.

“Growers Supply was the only company willing to meet all of our design requirements, while also being cost-effective and offering a well-built structure,” Lorch stated.

Expert Consultation

GrowSpan staffs knowledgeable experts in the greenhouse and growing sectors, offering advice on both greenhouse design and growing. Since GrowSpan has become a leading manufacturer of greenhouses in the marijuana industry, equity-free cannabis consultation is also available directly from cannabis specialists. Drawing from extensive knowledge on designing successful horticultural business models, they will impart their knowledge on how to lower operating costs, gain financing, and obtain energy-related rebates. Because this is an equity-free service, growers can enjoy valuable advice from our Greenhouse and Cannabis Specialists without having to forfeit a portion of their company or harvests.  

To find out how GrowSpan greenhouses or HydroCycle systems can help you, Request a Quote today.