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Greener Cannabis Cultivation Practices

Cannabis operations have historically been confined to indoor grows, but as legalization in the United States becomes more widespread, commercial facilities are afforded the opportunity to move their grows out in the open. With indoor cultivation having become the standard by default, cannabis growing has not been the most energy-efficient practice in the past.


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light dep greenhouse

Solving Common Problems For The Cannabis Grower

Cannabis is a resilient crop, as evident by its ability to be cultivated almost anywhere. Still, there are many common problems that can plague growers, especially those new to cannabis cultivation.


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MJ industrial partner

GrowSpan Contributes To MG Retailer: Why Grow Operations Should Produce As Many Strains As Possible

GrowSpan recently wrote an article for MG Retailer providing merchandising and growing advice for both existing and emerging cannabis operations. The article takes a practical approach to producing numerous strains with environmental control tech. 


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s500 greenhouses with surrounding landscape

Supplementation For Grow Op Success

Outdoor and indoor growing each comes with its own unique set of challenges. Outdoor growers enjoy lower energy bills, but pay for it later with products that tend to net less money. Conversely, indoor growers tend to produce cannabis that fetches higher prices, but pay for it when the electric bill arrives.


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Grow Greenhouse with roll up side

Bigger, Better Cannabis Buds

A GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist recently contributed their knowledge to MG Retailer, a magazine dedicated to cannabis professionals, to offer advice on improving cannabis buds. He discusses the importance of using proper nutrients and delivering them effectively to the cannabis plant, potentially through the most reliable option of fertigation.


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cannabis plants with ventilation equipment

GrowSpan Cannabis Specialist Featured In Sungrower

New technology is always emerging for indoor cultivation, and what business owner doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge of their industry? Nonetheless, many growers in the cannabis industry are apprehensive about paying high prices for new-fangled equipment they aren’t familiar with.


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Ed Rosenthal Cannabis

Ed Rosenthal: How Fertigation Can Improve Your Drip Irrigation Cannabis And More

Fertigation is the method of supplying dissolved nutrients through an irrigation system. Since they are already in solution, the nutrients are immediately available to the roots. This gives growers the opportunity to provide the exact amount of nutrients required to promote high level plant performance.


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Cannabis high tunnel

Growing Cannabis: Where To Start

As the political climate surrounding the legalization and production of Marijuana shifts, so too, must the industry of agriculture. At this stage in the political environment, many experienced cannabis growers have gained their decades of experience experimenting in underground operations.


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Pruning: The Debate

Leafing, or defoliating as it is known in the growing community, is a very sensitive subject.  In many plants, trimming and pruning help to refocus energy from certain sections of a plant to promote the growth of other parts of the plant, usually around the flowering or fruiting phase of the plant cycle.


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Ed Rosenthal Cannabis

Ed Rosenthal Cannabis Practices: Efficient Marijuana Cultivation Pt. I

Marijuana has two main stages of growth: vegetative and flowering. Most varieties are “short-day plants” (sdp), and their stage of growth is determined by the number of hours of uninterrupted darkness the plants receive.


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Ed Rosenthal Cannabis Practices: Efficient Marijuana Cultivation Pt. II

In part one we discussed that marijuana’s initiation of flowering is based on a critical period of uninterrupted darkness. The fact that marijuana can be induced to flower at any size can be used to increase its yield considerably.


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Greenhouse Production

Exterior of a multi-bay hybrid greenhouse

What Is A Hybrid Greenhouse And Why Should Indoor Cannabis GRowers Consider Transitioning To One?

As industry standards develop and new regulatory requirements are implemented, one trend that indoor growers are capitalizing on is the transition into a more versatile structure, known as the hybrid greenhouse.


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interior of a light dep cannabis greenhouse

Making Life Easier WIth A Light Dep Greenhouse Kit

Overall, a light deprivation greenhouse kit makes things far simpler for cannabis growers. These systems allow operations to easily influence the development of their cannabis plants, while still taking advantage of the benefits of natural sunlight. 


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cannabis growing in a cold climate greenhouse

Growing Cannabis In A Cold Climate Greenhouse: 4 Steps To Boosting Production

Across northern climates, winter can be the bane of any cannabis grower’s existence. The change in season brings cold temperatures, heavy snow and severe wind loads, which can create a number of hoops for ill-prepared operations to jump through.


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GS S2000 Greenhouse

6 Features Every cannabis Grower Needs To Incorporate Into Their Greenhouse

Cannabis operations are difficult to get right, and the decision making involved in designing and installing a greenhouse can overwhelm even experienced growers. As the market gets more competitive, growers must find ways to gain an edge over competition and increase their bottom line.


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Tim Caine

Light Deprivation Systems With GrowSpan

GrowSpan’s Series 500 Commercial Greenhouse creates the ideal growing environment for producing just about any crop, but when paired with S500 light deprivation systems, it becomes a cannabis production powerhouse.


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Greener Cannabis Cultivation

The Advantages Of Light Deprivation In A Greenhouse

Grow operations utilize many different tools and processes to ensure their crops thrive. With high end automation, expensive equipment and endless options available, it may be hard for growers to choose the right tools for their greenhouse.


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Grow Greenhouse

Advancements In Light Dep: Ditch The Old Light Deprivation Tarp

Light deprivation greenhouses have quickly become the standard for cannabis production throughout the country. Light dep is a cost-effective growing technique that allows growers to get the most out of their growing space, greatly enhancing cannabis yields and allowing them to harvest throughout the year.


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Bio tech Blackout Greenhouse

GrowSpan Contributes To Cannabis Business Times: Greenhouse Specialist Answers Common Questions

Recently, GrowSpan contributed to Cannabis Business Times with answers to some of the cannabis industry’s most asked questions. As part of a special section entitled “5 Questions,” the author polled a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist on some prominent topics related to custom greenhouse design.


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Cannaseur Grow Greenhouse

Creating The Ultimate Cannabis Greenhouse Environment

Throughout the history of cannabis production, growing outdoors or utilizing an indoor grow room has been commonplace. As the cannabis industry continues to boom, growers are discovering that the greenhouse is the ultimate combination of both.


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Alfalfa Valley Farms high tunnel

GrowSpan Contributes To GPN Magazine: Setting Up A Cannabis Grow

GrowSpan Greenhouse Experts recently contributed to the May 2019 issue of Greenhouse Product News to discuss factors about setting up a cannabis growing operation that are often overlooked. They share knowledge to help growers make informed decisions on important topics, such as deciding between greenhouse or indoor growing and maximizing profits as a new business.


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Drip Irrigation in Cannabis Plants

The Definitive Guide TO Why Growing Cannabis in A Greenhouse Is Better

When operations look at the similarities between an indoor and greenhouse grow, as well as the distinctions that set them apart, they’ll find that the two methods aren’t as different as they may have thought. In fact, greenhouses offer growers many of the same capabilities that an indoor warehouse can provide, along with numerous added advantages.


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greenhouse endwall with ventilation fans

GrowSpan Offers Advice Heading Into Winter Months

The cannabis industry has become incredibly competitive, and it certainly won’t let up. If anything it will only become more competitive. Because of this, marijuana growers are constantly looking for ways to cut costs or to improve energy efficiency.


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Rebel Spirit Interior high tunnel

Success And Expansion In Cannabis Production

Now that the legal cannabis industry has taken off, growers are coming out of the basement and looking to move towards sound agricultural practices. With the benefits of greenhouse growing year-round, many cannabis operations are finding a way to create a product that costs less to grow, with the advantage of a spacious environment.


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potted cannabis plants on a low bench

California And Cannabis Regulation

GrowSpan recently contributed an article to MG on the regulatory uncertainty surrounding California’s cannabis industry and how growers can still create a successful business model as regulations are hashed out. 


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man irrigating cannabis plants in greenhouse

Potential Red Flags When Selecting A Cannabis Consulting Firm

As growers across the country become licensed and ready to take their operation to a commercial scale, consulting firms everywhere are pouncing on these new opportunities. While cannabis consulting firms provide a service that can be invaluable to many growers, a lot of these consulting groups seem to have a predatory nature hidden behind their promises of help and profits.


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cannabis growing in gro blocks inside a greenhouse

Improving The INdustry’s Footprint: Part I

There’s no doubt that the national awareness of energy consumption has increased, and businesses across many sectors have taken note. Automobiles have become less dependent on traditional fuel sources, the GrowSpan offices and warehouses have been outfitted with green, LED light bulbs and here in the Northeast, the prevalence of solar panels seemingly doubles each month.


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cannabis plants growing inside large greenhouse

Improving The INdustry’s Footprint: Part II

Improving the Industry’s Footprint: Part I discussed the need for environmental and economic reform within the cannabis industry. It’s clear that the environmental footprint of the industry can be drastically improved, but what is so interesting about the cannabis industry is that many of the environmental solutions are also sound business decisions that can actually improve the economics of the industry. 


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