GrowSpan Offers Advice Heading into Winter Months

January 25, 2018   

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures recently contributed an article to the Febrary 2018 issue of Marijuana Venture. The article, entitled “Time for a Greener Greenhouse,” discussed how greenhouse updates and repairs made after the fall harvest can help to improve energy-efficiency and boost profitability. 

The article is print only, but visit Marijuana Venture for other informative articles or to subscribe to the print magazine. 

The cannabis industry has become incredibly competitive, and it certainly won’t let up. If anything it will only become more competitive. Because of this, marijuana growers are constantly looking for ways to cut costs or to improve energy efficiency. The article mentioned above details some considerations for growers heading into the winter months. 

The winter time, in particular, presents a time where operational costs can become exorbitant. Between the need for more lighting and operating expensive heating systems, winter harvests can quickly loose their profitability, so in the winter it is essential to have a greenhouse and system that is benefiting the grow op, not working against it. 

GrowSpan Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses are an exceptional choice for growers dealing with harsh winters. The Series 2000 structures provide exceptional heat retention, light deprivation and can be completely automated. 

Efficient heating is a constant battle in the winter time. Unfortunately for growers a lot of their inefficiency comes from heat loss. The GrowSpan S2000 is clad with twin-wall polycarbonate, which provides an R-value of 1.72. This makes it far superior to glass for heat retention and definitely better than film options. The sturdy walls also make it easier for growers to add insulation if they’re looking for even more heat retention. 

What cannabis growers will appreciate about the Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse is not only its production capacity, but also the fully automated light deprivation system that it can be outfitted with. The system allows growers to take advantage of the natural sunlight, while still providing compete control over the photoperiod. The light dep system also allows operations to cut down on labor. Instead of depending on workers to deploy blackout tarps, complete darkness can be achieved with a flip of a switch.  

Of course light dep isn’t the only part of this greenhouse that can be automated. Just about every system and process can be automated in a Series 2000 and controlled from a convenient location. GrowSpan’s Cannabis Specialists are not only experts in greenhouse structure design, but also in greenhouse system design. They can easily automate a greenhouse and make it a seamless process for the grower. 

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