Climate Control


interior of year-round greenhouse with tall plants growing in rows

Looking To Operate A Year-Round Greenhouse? Here’s How

When operations want to grow crops in a year-round greenhouse, the requirements for doing so can be vastly different, depending on their location. In warmer regions, for instance, the cold season is not as severe, so growers don’t need their structure to double as a winter greenhouse to stay operational.


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Outside S1000 Greenhouse

Greenhouse Insulation: Here’s What You Need To KNow To Operate Your Greenhouse In Winter

What’s the most important part of growing in a greenhouse in winter? Sure, having an efficient, properly sized heating system is crucial, but that isn’t enough on its own for commercial growers looking to maximize profits.


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outside winter greenhouse

Optimizing Heating In Your Winter Greenhouse: How To Make Sure Your Greenhouse Heater Doesn’t Go TO Waste

In many regions, growers don’t have to worry about the burden of snow or having to use a greenhouse heater to cultivate year-round. Not everyone is afforded this luxury, though, and for cold-climate growers, a winter greenhouse offers a lifeline to stay competitive by enabling them to grow uninterrupted.


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Mount Vernon Greenhouse

Preparing For The Cold: How To Winterize A Greenhouse

With the winter months fast approaching, every grower knows that now is the time to prepare their greenhouses for the onslaught of winter weather and cold temperatures. It is important for growers to winterize their greenhouse, so their grow can thrive even during the coldest winter months.


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Effinity heater

Does Your Greenhouse Heating System Need An Update?

Growers should maintain proper temperatures within their growing environment to ensure crops remain prosperous. If the indoor climate falls below an acceptable range, plant growth may slow or stop, and there is a risk of losing the crop altogether. Luckily, growers can prevent plant loss by ensuring their greenhouse heaters are updated and operating efficiently.


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plants growing hydroponically in greenhouse with fans and a heater

How To Size A Greenhouse Heating System

Sizing a greenhouse heating system only requires growers to make several measurements and a few calculations. Once the numbers are crunched, growers will be well on their way to sufficiently heating their operation.


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s2000 Greenhouse

GrowSpan Contributes To Grower Talks

Creating an efficient heating system is essential to operations that are functional during the winter months. While many will focus on tweaking their actual heating system, often times a better route is to look at the insulation of your growing structure.


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floral Greenhouse with Temperature controls

Adding Heat To A Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a major investment, but adding one to a growing operation can really take production to the next level by providing a protected space for early seed starting and season extension. Heating the greenhouse for those months when frost is a major risk for many climates can help maximize the potential for improved production.


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vegetables growing hydroponically in greenhouse

Five Reasons Radiant Heating Should Be IN Your Greenhouse

Many times, when growers are planning and designing a greenhouse, heating is a factor that is often overlooked. A traditional forced-air heater and thermostat are all that one really needs, but is this method of greenhouse heating really the best solution?


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Cooling & Ventilation

greenhouse with hydroponics and evaporative cooling wall

Greenhouse Temperature Control: The Guide To An Evaporative Cooling System

There are a number of different ways for growers to cool their greenhouses. The best option will likely change from operation to operation based on different factors, like greenhouse size or location.


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Greenhouse exterior with fans

The Summer Sun Is OverHeating Your Greenhouse, Here’s How To Cool It Down

As the world moves forward into the summer season, temperatures will continue rising. While the purpose of greenhouses is to keep plants warm, overheating can bring about an array of problems. Increased susceptibility to insects, higher risk of disease, reduced yields and lower crop quality are just a few of the issues extreme temperatures can cause.


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S1000 with fans

Ventilation Methods: Low-Tech To Automated High-Tech

Within a few muggy or sweltering hours, greenhouse crops can be shocked and damaged during vital stages of growth and development. Greenhouse humidity and temperature can quickly become the enemy of production if growers do not implement proper ventilation within their system. 


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retail greenhouse with HAF fans for cooling

Cooling A Greenhouse: Everything You Need To Know To Beat The Heat

During the summer months, growers need the right systems in place to bring temperatures down, cooling their greenhouse in a reliable, yet energy-efficient manner. While some operations do what they can to get by, using portable coolers, box fans and more to sustain a viable growing environment, this can get expensive and will never allow plants to reach their full potential.


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General CEA

smart controller inside a cold climate greenhouse

TiPs To Improve Grow Room And GReenhouse Temperature Control

Managing the temperature inside of the grow room or greenhouse is essential for plants to grow to their full potential. When temperatures are outside of the desired range for a crop, critical biological processes, like photosynthesis, may slow down or even be brought to a halt.


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Outside of S1000 Greenhouse

A Climate Controlled Greenhouse Is The Ideal Setting For Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled environment agriculture will likely play a critical role in the future of crop production. Both commercially and locally, operations that use this growing strategy can produce crops year-round, while improving the quality and size of their harvests.


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hydroponic plants inside a greenhouse

GrowSpan Discusses Controlled Environment Agriculture With GPN

GrowSpan recently contributed an article to Greenhouse Product News. The article, entitled “Controlled Environment Agriculture: Creating the Ideal Environment,” discuses some of the benefits of integrating a controlled environment. 


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Ventilation inside Greenhouse

Humidity And Greenhouse Climate Control: A Brief Introduction

When growing in a greenhouse, humidity can become a serious factor in the success of your crop. Because of dense vegetation packed into limited, enclosed space, plants transpire moisture. This is why humidity tends to run high for many farmers.


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Greenhouse controllers

Automated Environmental Control

GrowSpan greenhouse structures have the potential to provide operations of any scale with the utmost environmental control. Whether a GrowSpan structure is located in Southern California or Northern Minnesota, any crop can be produced within the controlled environment that GrowSpan greenhouses can provide.


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Cannaseur Grow Greenhouse

Creating The Ultimate Cannabis Greenhouse Environment

Throughout the history of cannabis production, growing outdoors or utilizing an indoor grow room has been commonplace. As the cannabis industry continues to boom, growers are discovering that the greenhouse is the ultimate combination of both.


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