GrowSpan Custom Greenhouses

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Looking to build a custom greenhouse or high end greenhouse? GrowSpan is among the best custom greenhouse manufacturers.

When looking to build a greenhouse, you need the best custom greenhouse builders. Since 1979, GrowSpan has been providing growers with industry-leading custom greenhouse kits and designs. GrowSpan custom greenhouses can be outfitted with all the necessary accessories and growing systems, ensuring superior functionality. These structures are easy to manage and maintain and they allow growers in any region to achieve their finest, most profitable harvests.

Free in-house financing available. Request A Quote below for more information.

Browse GrowSpan’s line of custom-built greenhouses:

Traditional Venlo Greenhouses
Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses
WideSpan Venlo Greenhouses
Commercial cannabis greenhouses
Commercial Greenhouses
Premium Greenhouses
Pro Greenhouses

Greenhouse Specialists on Staff

Planning for a custom greenhouse can be difficult, but when working with GrowSpan, Greenhouse Specialists are available free of charge to provide expert consultation. With years of industry experience, Greenhouse Specialists can offer invaluable advice and help select and design a structure that is ideal for any operation. They can also guide customers through the customization, options and accessories that accompany a GrowSpan structure.


The GrowSpan Custom Greenhouse Advantage Includes:

  • Complete customization – Get the right greenhouse for your operation
  • Energy-efficient options – Reduce costs, boost profits
  • Multiple cover options
  • Gutter-connect designs – Easily expand as business requires
  • Durable construction
  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Maximum ventilation
  • One-stop shopping – Outfit structures with all required accessories
  • Expert consultation – Greenhouse Specialists on staff
  • Peak, arched and gothic designs
  • American-made


For more information on GrowSpan custom greenhouses and to receive FLEXIBLE FINANCING SOLUTIONS and FREE SPECIAL PRICING.

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