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For growers looking to produce on a massive scale, GrowSpan offers the Venlo Series

Since 1979, GrowSpan has been producing the industry’s finest greenhouses. With a distinctive series of commercial greenhouses, GrowSpan now offers the Venlo Series, allowing growers to design and grow in the largest-scale greenhouses, while still maintaining the utmost efficiency and precision.

With durable designs, growers can rest assured that their venlo structure will last far into the future.

The GrowSpan Venlo Series Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Large-scale designs provide massive amounts of growing space.
  • Maximum ventilation.
  • Structures built for durability feature corrosion-resistant frames.
  • Multiple cladding options, including polycarbonate, glass and film.
  • Fully customizable designs.
  • Options allow growers maximize efficiency in hot climates.
  • Low cost per square foot

To meet the needs of all commercial growers, GrowSpan offers the Venlo Series in three styles:

GrowSpan Traditional Venlo Greenhouse

This dutch-style structure can be built to any size and features an easy-to-operate rooftop vent and ensures superior light transmission.

GrowSpan Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse

With a roof that fully opens, this structure provides 96% ventilation allowing growers to maintain the ideal environment.

GrowSpan Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse

The extra wide spacing maximizes growing space, while the film cover provides a better environment in warm climates.


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