GrowSpan Greenhouse and growing Structures

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GrowSpan creates the most versatile greenhouse structures and HydroCycle Growing Systems. From fully outfitted commercial facilities to hobby kits, there’s a setup for every grower.

GrowSpan Greenhouses and structures can provide everything you need to create or maintain a thriving business. For nearly four decades, GrowSpan has provided products that are made from the highest-quality materials, ensuring a long and profitable life, and with free in-house financing, growers can get the structures and growing systems they need, when they need it.

GrowSpan is an industry-leader in cannabis growing solutions. Our Cannabis Specialists apply tried and true agricultural principles, allowing customers to achieve the absolute lowest cost per gram. To view GrowSpan’s cannabis-specific solutions, click here.

The GrowSpan line includes:

traditional venlo outside shot
Traditional Venlo Greenhouses
Traditional Venlo outside shot
Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses
Traditional Venlo Interior
Widespan Venlo Greenhouses
Commercial Greenhouses
Professional Greenhouses
Backyard greenhouse
Hobby Greenhouses
High & Low Tunnels
Hydrocycle NFT Hydroponic Systems
HydroCycle Growing Systems
greenhouse lighting
Environmental Control

The GrowSpan Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Custom and stock designs - Get the exact structure needed
  • Expert consultation - Experienced Greenhouse Specialists help every step of the way
  • Custom greenhouse systems - Complete environmental control, grow anywhere
  • In-house services - Design, manufacturing, financing and installation
  • Energy-efficient designs and options
  • HydroCycle Growing Systems - Hydroponic solutions for year-round growing
  • One-stop shopping- Everything needed for a thriving operation
  • Engineered structures - Withstand any climate


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