Light Deprivation Greenhouses and Growing Solutions

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Commercial and Professional Light Dep Greenhouses

As the industry continues to grow and develop, GrowSpan has been and will be there every step of the way. Commercial and professional operations love the energy-efficient GrowSpan light deprivation greenhouses and the money saving growing solutions that our Greenhouse Specialists can provide. From greenhouses outfitted with fully-automated light deprivation systems to custom growing systems, a Greenhouse Specialist can customize GrowSpan greenhouses to meet even the most specific needs.

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traditional venlo outside shot
Traditional Venlo Greenhouses
Traditional Venlo outside shot
Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses
Traditional Venlo Interior
Widespan Venlo Greenhouses
Marijuana greenhouse
GrowSpan Commercial Greenhouses
GrowSpan Professional Greenhouses
GrowSpan Premium Greenhouses

The GrowSpan Light Dep Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • One-stop shopping - Light, heating, growing systems and more
  • Expert consultation - Greenhouse Specialists with years of industry experience
  • In-house design and installation
  • Complete environmental control - Ensure the highest-quality, most-profitable harvests year-round
  • Customize greenhouses to meet any growing need
  • Energy-efficient designs - Boost any operation's profitability
  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Innovative and versatile designs with numerous covering options
  • Superior ventilation
  • Fully Automated light deprivation - The optimal growing environment
  • Durable construction ensures a long and dependable life
  • Build to any size - Extra-tall options


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